Barack Hussein Obama really knows how to represent the United States while traveling overseas. While in Laos the other day, Obama gave a speech where he said that ″Americans are lazy″. Seems that we are too lazy to bother with the rest of the world. To embrace and adopt cultures from abroad. This, from a guy, who barely works 4 hours a day over the last 8 years. I suppose that Obama thinks that if we were working harder, he could tax us more and give away more cash to dictators, globalists, and terrorists around the world. Just like he gave Iran $1.7 Billion dollars in cash. Just some throwing around money. Oddly enough, I never hear Obama talk about the on-going holocaust in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Ever since he took office, some 4 million people have been killed. Mostly women and children, often because they were literally raped to death. Of course, the actual reason for this conflict in the DRC is due to cassiterite, a tin oxide mineral crucial for our digital age.

You regular readers may recall that I have mentioned this situation in the Congo before. I have adopted it as a personal cause of mine. We have heard much in The Media about ′Blood Diamonds′. Celebrities by the score promote it, even probably while wearing some themselves. It is not all that difficult to laser etch a ′blood diamond′ and make it appear as okay for international sale. Only jewelery manufacturers who really double check every gem can certify if a diamond is legal or not. Even then, diamonds are still difficult to verify as so many were mined over the past few thousand years. As Shirley Bassie would say, ″Diamonds Are Forever″.

Much the same is true for cassiterite. These tin oxide crystals go to make display screens for smart phones, tablets and other devices, especially those with touch screen technology. While they are mined in many places around the world, the best, purest crystals come from 10 mines located in the northeast region of the DRC. Most of these mines are of the open pit variety. The miners, mostly women and children, scratch and scrape the ground loading the ′conflict mineral′ into plastic buckets and tubs.

From there, the cassiterite is bagged and loaded on aircraft, flown out to be sold. It is the most heavily traded item on the London commodity market. Treated as being as valuable as gold dust, cassiterite makes our digital, fun-house of a world possible. Without it, you can forget about playing Candy Crush or using other apps on your smart phones and tablets. Billions and billions of dollar are earned for the super rich and countless investors.

The cost of cassiterite, aside from money on the commodity markets, is human blood. The blood of some 4 million people in the Congo. The America Media does not cover this story very much at all. Various factions, ranging from terrorists, warlords, rebels, criminals and even the DRC government, have been waging a war over cassiterite for the past 8 years. They also fight over other minerals which are in abundance in the Congo, such as gold, cobalt, coltan. Coltan is also vital to our digital age as it is needed for making tantalum.

The various factions fight for control of the mines, or, to raid the mines and nearby villages to steal shipments. Among the weapons used in this conflict, rape has been effective. Yes, rape itself has been weaponized, used tactically to subdue the local population into submission. Even the government troops have been known to rape the women and young girls of entire towns. This, along with the usual methods of bullets and machete have led to some 4 million people being murdered over the past 8 years. Right under Barack Obama′s nose!

Yet, Barack Hussein Obama does not say a word about the holocaust in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I guess Obama is too lazy to be bothered with events in the DRC. Even his pal, George Clooney, was not all happy with Obama′s alck of action in Dafur during the years of war and famine in Sudan. Obama still does little as Sudan and South Sudan fight it out. This sort of reminds me of when Bill Clinton ignored the slaughter of 1 million people in Rwanda when he was president. I suspect that his wife, Hillary Clinton, has forgotten that holocaust, as well as the one in the DRC, ever since her concussion and blood clot in her noodle-like brain. Maybe they, the Clintons, are just too lazy like Obama to bother learning anything about the conflict minerals wars in the Congo?

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