Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton sort of squared off last night during the NBC ′Commander in Chief′ forum, hosted by Matt Lauer. I say ′sort of′ as both appeared separately. Team Trump won the coin toss and choose to go second. Hillary was questioned for the first 30 minutes, then Trump. The event took place aboard the USS Intrepid ′floating museum′ in New York harbor. A studio audience of veterans were allowed to ask some questions of the presidential candidates. The focus of the forum was national security, the military and veterans affairs.

Hillary Clinton was questioned about her email scandal, involving the mishandling of classified material and use of a private email server instead of the State Department system. Once again, she lied. Now her excuse is that there was no markings on the headers of the classified documents. Of course, as we learned in an email exchange between Hillary and one of her aides, Jake Sullivan, she instructed him to remove such headers and markings! One Navy veteran in the audience pointed out that had he done what she did, he would be in prison.

Hillary Clinton also seems to be still lying about Benghazi. Once again, she claimed that no Americans died in Libya. I suppose Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty must have died someplace else. Maybe in Ibiza? Or French Monaco? Perhaps they weren’t even in the Mediterranean? Maybe they were killed by terrorists at a resort in Turks and Caicos? How about Martha′s Vineyrads? You get the idea. Hillary simply cannot tell the truth about anything!

Perhaps the most awful display of insanity by Hillary Rodham Clinton took place at the beginning when she tried to make it sound like she was the one who convinced Barack Hussein Obama to launch a special ops raid to kill Usama bin Laden! Yeah, RIGHT! Give me a break!!! Like that wasn′t the most ′no-brainer′ decision in history! Even then, it took Obama some 8 months to make up his puny mind!

Matt Lauer tried his best to trip up Donald Trump and failed miserably. Most of ′The Media′ are trashing Trump′s answers, but they were generally good. Nothing of which we haven′t heard before. Most of the audience questions came from Democrats, and even those from so-called Republicans were fishy. But Trump handled them all well. He did not say anything in the least that could be described as ′crazy′. I haven′t seen what the TV ratings were for the forum yet, but whoever did watch it should view Donald Trump as a leader.

Lauer tried to corner Trump about his life experiences to send people into harms way. Unless you have actually gone in harms way yourself, who is truly qualified? Trump responded that he has good judgment. Far better than that of the liar, Hillary Clinton. Matt Lauer also tried to make hay out of some of the quotes by and about Vladimir Putin. It is obvious to anyone that Putin disrespects Obama and Hillary. I have no doubt that both Russia and China will test Trump very early in his term. They usually do so with every new president. I am not worried about Trump reacting to any test Putin comes up with. I think they will respect each other as they are both Alpha Males. Old School Alpha Males at that! I′m guessing that Putin has already seen that Trump can match him in the ′bully′ department.

Naturally, I say that Donald Trump won the NBC ′Commander in Chief′ forum over Hillary Rodham Clinton last night. Despite Matt Lauer and his obvious bias in favor of Hillary, Trump cam through with flying colors. Hillary is just too dishonest for her own good. She looked very tired and old. Once they face off in the real debates in a few weeks, the differences will be extremely clear.

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