Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) is asking the Justice Department to reopen the investigation into the Hillary Rodham Clinton email scandal. He announced this yesterday as Congress returned from its 6-week vacation. Actually, this is the second time he is requesting this, as he did so before on July 10th, five days after FBI Director James Comey made his famous speech on the matter. Chaffetz is planning to hold hearings next week to go over recently released emails and other documents. In particular information about how Clinton′s lawyers destroyed some hard drives loaded with Hillary′s emails just days AFTER the New York Times broke the whole private email server story. This also happened after Congress requested those emails, too!

While some Clinton cronies were smashing Blackberry smart-phones, her lawyers are alleged to have destroyed hard drives and other storage media by giving them an acid bath! Talk about leaving no trail. Now, the whole point behind FBI Director Comey′s argument for not prosecuting Hillary Clinton is that they found no INTENT to break the laws. Well, it would seem that there was some INTENT to hide information from investigators. That is usually referred to as ′Obstruction of Justice′, a violation of the law!

Add to that recent emails showing potential ′Pay-for-Play′ schemes between the Clinton Foundation and providing their donors with access to Hillary Clinton and the State Department would also be an INTENT for why she had a private server in the first place. This is the reason behind Chaffetz wanting the Justice Department to reopen the probe, as well as holding hearings with the House Oversight Committee. His original request back in July was about why Comey said under oath that the FBI never checked to see if Hillary or her staff had lied to Congress when they gave testimony. That certainly is a puzzlement!

Naturally, the Democrats and the Clinton campaign will argue that this is just politics to cause her damage before the election. Better before than after, I say! The last thing we want is to have her be elected then her whole administration blow up due to corruption and cover-ups. Watergate was just about a stupid burglary that went wrong. HillaryGate goes well beyond that!

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