There seems to be plenty of chaos over at the Fox News Channel these days. First there was Gretchen Carlson charging that Roger Ailes sexually harassed her. She also doesn′t care much for her former cohost, Steve Doocy, either! Roger Ailes was forced to retire by Rupert Murdoch. Then Andrea Tantaros jumped in also claiming that she was harassed. Then Megyn Kelly also piled on, too! The Gretchen Carlson lawsuit was settled as 21st Century Fox has agreed to pay Gretchen $20 Million dollars. Meanwhile, with the departure of Ailes, Greta Van Susteren found herself on a sinking ship. Her plans to renew her contract for some ′Big Bucks′ has gone down the tubes! According to her post on Facebook, she decided to walk away last Thursday, but FNC decided to boot her from her own show, replacing her yesterday with the old warhorse, Brit Hume.

Some of us saw the demise of Fox News awhile ago. They have been inching their way towards being just another Liberally-biased new network. I guess you can′t fund your principles with ads just for catheters, gold and silver coins, prostrate supplements or survival food. Nope! You gotta sell ads for lipstick, hair dye, sugared-soda water and automobiles, too! Especially if you are paying a lot of mediocre hosts those ′Big Bucks′.

Ratings-wise, Fox News is still the king of cable/satellite television news networks. During the day, their audience is at least 4 to 6 times larger than any other news network. During ′prime time′, FNC blows the competition away. Heck, they blow away most of the ′entertainment′ channels away, too!

There is no doubt that much of their success is related to pretending to having a ′Conservative′ bias. Even when they claim to be ′Fair and Balanced′, reporting any news that goes against Liberal Democrats is seen as being biased by the Main Stream Media. The MSM simply ignores the truth, let alone talk about it at any length.

But, Fox News also draws a crowd because of its casting methods. Plenty of ′hot′ women in short, tight outfits showing plenty of leg serves them well. Some programs deliberately design their sets to stage those legs for maximum exposure. Greg Gutfeld perfected the ′Leg Chair′ when he started his late-night talk show, ″Red Eye″ and carried the scheme with him to the afternoon program, ″The Five″. The ′Leg Chair′ on ″The Five″ was once home for Andrea Tantaros and my favorite ′Shoe Shaker″, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

So will we see a revolt of women on the Fox News Channel? Will others file lawsuits or suddenly leave the network? Is FNC doomed to become just another ordinary news network feeding us the usual garbage of state-controlled information? Given the number of ′Cuckservatives′ working there, I am afraid so. It is a sign of the times. I′m not going to miss Gretchen Carlson or Greta Van Susteren at all. But really, Brit Hume? Ugh!!!

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