With just 9 weeks to go before Election Day, 2016, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are in a virtual tie as the polls close. The latest CNN poll shows Trump leading 45% to Hillary′s 43% in a 4-way race. Gary Johnson has only 7% and Jill Stein just 2%. Hardly worth mentioning! Every other poll, national or by state, shows Clinton losing half of her lead against Trump in just the past 4 weeks. The situation is so dire that Hillary was forced to have a semi-mini press conference yesterday on board her new jet liner after shunning The Media for 275 days! Her campaign is in a tailspin following the latest FBI document dump, showing that she lost 10 of her 13 mobile devices, which may have contained classified information, as well as a laptop with all of her email. She and her people claim that the laptop was ″lost in the mail″. I guess her dog didn′t eat it, huh?

While Hillary Rodham Clinton tells lie after lie and deals with the endless drip-drip-drip from her past, Donald Trump is rocking it! He has been on a tear since eliminating the deadwood from his campaign staff. Trump has mastered using a teleprompter to deliver written speeches. They still have a unique authenticity about them as he throws in an ad-lib or two. There is nothing robotic or ′canned′ about Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is almost as robotic as Marco Rubio. Her style is sterile, unlike her throat. Yesterday, she had another coughing fit, once again raising questions about her health. Her answers during her mini-presser were deflecting and evasive. The old Clinton paranoia surfaced again, fearing that Vladimir Putin may hack the elections. She already thinks that Putin is secretly running the Alt-Right, another of Hillary′s new boogie men, even though we all know that it is actually run by Hamarabe the Gorilla. LOL!

The latest CNN poll shows Donald Trump leading Hillary Rodham Clinton by two-points with just 9 weeks left to go before Election Day 2016. Her lead in other polls has been sliced in half as more scandals surface and Trump improves in his messaging. He has barely even started running TV ads and the Hillary campaign is in a nose dive. Even in battle ground states, like Ohio, Trump and Clinton are dead even. The choice is very clear. Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, crooked liar who has no regard for national security and her mental and physical health is as questionable as her recollection. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is authentic and strong, just the sort who can Make America Great Again!

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