Conservative, Republican icon, Phylis Schlafy, died Monday at the age of 92. A political activist with a background as a Constitutional lawyer, Schlafy starter the Eagle Forum in 1972. Even before that, she campaigned for Barry Goldwater in 1964, and began a newsletter, ″The Phylis Schlafy Report″, in 1967. Her first major success was in blocking the Equal Rights Amendment, which she saw a step backwards. Her ′STOP ERA′ campaign pointed out that the ERA would have ended many norms of society, such as separate, public restrooms for men and women. Traditional roles for women, including being a housewife and a mother, would have been impacted. Schlafy was also a major critic against Liberal judges in our courts, the Soviet Union and detente, as well as the coming age of Globalization. Phylis Schlafy supported the campaign for Donald Trump, standing against many so-called ′Conservatives′. Her voice will be sorely missed.

Phylis Schlafy

There is no doubt that Phylis Schlafy is an icon in American politics. Whether you agreed or disagreed with her, you must admit that she was a force to be reckoned with. Describing her with terms like ′a pistol′ or ′a whirlwind′ fall short of doing her justice. Phylis Schlafy was a warrior for ′The Cause′! Few who crossed swords with her won. Even her own daughter, Anne Corie, face the wrath of Phylis Schlafy on the matter of supporting Donald Trump. Corie, along with several other board members of the Eagle Forum, backed Ted Cruz. Phylis gave them the boot! She even slammed another Cruz-Bot, Cathie Adams, calling her disloyal and withdrew her support for Adams to become the Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas.

Whether the subject was one-sided trade deals, same sex marriage, or Republicans pandering to illegal immigrants, Phylis Schlafy was a spitfire. She was not going to molly-coddle her views to appease the masses. Schlafy gave the Elitists in the RNC fits and nightmares. But many GOP politicians owe their careers to her as she had considerable influence over grass root Conservatives and Republicans in general. Phylis Schlafy, dead at the age of 92, will be sorely missed!

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