In a typical holiday Friday document dump, the FBI released a summary of their interview with Hillary Rodham Clinton on her private email server. During the two-hour interview, she used the excuse of ″I can′t recall″ over two dozen times. Often adding that she could not recall important details since her head concussion back in December, 2012. Hillary Clinton could not recall when she received her security clearance, when she was briefed on handling classified material, or even how many personal devices she used. The FBI summary had an answer to the last one. Unlike earlier stories from Hillary herself that she set up the private email server so she just had to use one device, which then changed to two devices, we now know that she used 13 devices! None of which are available to determine if they had been hacked.

Seems that an aide from the Clinton Foundation destroyed some of the mobile devices by smashing them with a hammer after removing the SIMM card. But some of these devices, such as Blackberry mobile phones, may have simply been lost by Hillary Clinton. Perhaps even when on trips aboard to countries like Russia and China!

Based on emails recently obtained by both Judicial Watch and Citizens United through FIOA requests, it seems that Huma Abedin had warned others about Hillary Clinton being reckless and forgetful. Emails about how Hillary left her mobile devices in hotel rooms while unattended. Emails about how Hillary Clinton cannot work more than a few hours per day and is sometimes confused and not recalling briefings and such. These seem to back up concerns that Hillary Clinton has serious health problems, particularly mental issues. That the concussion she had along with the blood clot in her head may have caused some brain damage.

And yet, her supporters and allies in The Media still think that questioning a Hillary Clinton illness is some far-right conspiracy. No, even Huma Abedin, her closest aide, could see that Hillary Clinton was not well then. Given her recent interview with the FBI just weeks ago, and how little she remembers, one would have to conclude that she is still physically and mentally unfit to hold any position of importance. Not to mention being morally and ethically unfit, too!

With just 66 days to go before Election Day 2016, the polls are swinging rapidly in favor of Donald Trump. The new Reuters/IPSO poll has Trump ahead 40-39. Other major polls have them nearly even or within the margin of error. Even those in crucial, battle-ground states. Even those few polls which still show Hillary Clinton leading indicate that her lead has been sliced in half in just the past 4 weeks. While George Will and other Cucks are still pining to replace Trump with Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush, the candidate who needs to be replaced quickly is Hillary Clinton!

The FBI summary released showing Hillary Rodham Clinton answering dozens of questions with, ″I can′t recall″ is not good news for her presidential campaign. Probably why the FBI did a holiday Friday document dump, in hopes that the public will ignore the story. That story is how Hillary Clinton is essentially ′Braindead′! Perhaps she listens to ″You Might Think″ by The Cars all day long, too? Do we want a president like Hillary Clinton who is corrupt, careless, plus physically and mentally ill? No! We want a robust, strong, fearless man, like Donald J. Trump who will Make America Great Again!

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