I had hoped not to have to waste any more time and digital ′ink′ over the likes of Ted Cruz after he committed political suicide at the RNC convention. The old, ′don′t beat a dead horse′ notion. But, like a bad penny, Ted Cruz just keeps popping up. He and a group of the remaining ′Never-Trumpers′ have actually purchased TV ads in several ′battle ground′ states attacking Donald Trump. The essence of these ads goes back to a statement Trump made in October 2015 when he said he would drop out of the race if none of the polls showed he could win. With just 67 days left to go before Election Day, do Ted Cruz and these other idiots really think that Trump should bail out now? For starters, not every poll shows Hillary winning and most are narrowing to within the margin of error. This latest move by the ′Cruz Bots′ is just sheer lunacy!

The ad, entitled ″Keep Your Word″, is not well funded. You have to wonder why these fools are even bothering at this point? The easy, simple answer is that they are trying to remain relevant. But in reality, that ship has sailed long ago! Ted Cruz and his allies have become outcasts. Political lepers. How about Ted Cruz keeping his word and supporting the Republican nominee, whoever he or she is? Ah, but that would be too rational.

If I were Ted Cruz, I would be more worried about Rick Perry unseating him in 2018 than about Donald Trump. Of course, if I really were Ted Cruz, I would be even more worried about Hillary Clinton winning and causing further damage to America. But, that′s just me!

I wanted to be a nice guy and just let Ted Cruz fade away into the night. But now, I′m hopping mad! He needs to be deported back to Canada, or exiled to Cuba. Any place other than here. You can only pee or crap in the swimming pool so many times before a lifeguard tosses you out! Ted Cruz had his fun at the convention. Trump allowed him to have his moment. But this latest move is pure insanity!

Allies of Ted Cruz are equally foolish for continuing their attacks on Trump. Glenn Beck is now in a pissing contest with Sean Hannity. Hannity has named names and launched a rant against Cruz, Beck and others, like Jonah Goldberg. These characters are scrambling to regroup for whatever comes following the election. Their book sales and websites have taken huge hits since they went full-bore anti-Trump. Their message has failed and is losing more and more ground by the day.

If Hillary Clinton wins, things will only get worse! The moment she appoints a Supreme Court nominee, or uses an executive order to give amnesty or put in place a ′fairness act′ on media, including the Internet, the Cruz Bots and the rest of Neo-Con empire will be blamed. Trump supporters and the Alt Right will go into full, ′See-I-Told-You-So′ mode. Even those Republicans who are ′stomaching′ Trump will go negative against the Never-Trumpers.

For starters, the ′Big Fear′ about down-ballot candidates is looking like a wet noodle. In Florida, for example, while polls show Hillary with a slight lead over Trump, Marco Rubio is doing very nicely, even with all of his ′foam-boy′ baggage. John McCain even won his primary fight, as did Paul Ryan, and both look like they will breeze their way back to Capitol Hill. So the down-ballot concerns amount to nothing. There is no down-side to Donald Trump for the down-ballot.

What is left? Glenn Beck says that Trump will be bad for ′The Republic′. His logic for this attitude is illogical. There is no substantive reason to support this view. In fact, the exact opposite is the truth. Trump′s main issues, securing the borders, making America first on trade deals and dismantling programs like ObamaCare and CommonCore will, in fact, SAVE the Republic!

Ted Cruz and his pals need to wise up or just shut up! Go back to Canada where you belong! I doubt if they would want Cruz. Who would? Maybe Cruz and Beck can start raising money to buy some old oil tanker and convert it for Sea-Steading? Perhaps Barbara Streisand will pony up some cash for a suite on board the Cuck Boat? This could be our last chance to save America from becoming a Liberal hell hole. Rather timely that TCM will be showing ″ZARDOZ″ Sunday morning at 2am EDT. That is the sort of world we will have if Hillary Clinton is elected. A few protected, safe zones where billionaires will thrive while the rest of humanity fights for scraps. If Donald Trump is elected, then we have a shot to Make America Great Again!

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