On Wednesday, Donald Trump did a Mexico visit to talk with President Enrique Peňa Nieto. After a private chat, they shared a stage to speak to the gathered press. Whatever happened during the talks, the ′optics′ of Trump on stage with Nieto made Trump look ′presidential′. To further confound critics and The Media, Donald Trump then flew to Phoenix, Arizona, and delivered a major speech, outlining a 10-point plan for dealing with illegal immigration. Stumble-Bums who claimed that Trump was ′softening′ his position on the matter, or even adopting those of his earlier primary opponents, were sadly mistaken! Donald Trump came out strong and hard, full of details and specifics.

Did anyone really expect him to do less? Perhaps some hoped, but those views were completely smashed. Even Mr. ′Never-Trump′ himself, Bill Kristol, was forced to admit that Donald Trump looked presidential and had a very good day! Perhaps nobody was more pleased than that of Ann Coulter, whose joke about burning her new book, ″In Trump We Trust″, was taken seriously and overblown by the foolish Media. No doubt about it! Donald Trump is still going to deport millions of illegal immigrants. Perhaps not all of them, but he is promising to start with the worst of the worst.

I would like to deviate for one moment and comment on the opening speech by Rudy Giuliani in Phoenix. It was AWESOME!!! Giuliani has been tearing up the stage with his rousing speeches, as we have seen since the RNC convention. He is a man on fire! Hitting on all cylinders! Rudy went to Mexico with Trump, as did Sen. Jeff Sessions. Watching Giuliani last night work the crowd of Trumpers into a frenzy just made me opine for 2008, when Rudy should have been the GOP nominee. Just as Newt should have been the nominee in 2012. How refreshing it is that we finally have a strong, powerful speaker as the Republican presidential nominee in 2016! When Donald Trump took the stage in Phoenix, all hell broke loose as the crowd went wild!

Last night was ′Classic Trump′, but even more so with an excellent, prepared speech. Mind you, he did stray from it now and then, tossing in appropriate ad-libs here and there. The audience ate it up! He even threw in a few barbs against Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Including a joke about deporting Hillary Clinton! I suspect that if Trump wins, they, and many others, will flee the country, fearing being brought to justice for their many crimes, including treason. The crowd responded to Donald Trump with many rounds of cheers, chants and applause. They, too, have longed for a strong, powerful candidate to lead them to victory in November!

Naturally, the idiots on television and in other media tried to downplay the Donald Trump Mexico visit and his speech in Phoenix on illegal immigration. But they all miss the main points. Yesterday, Donald Trump proved that he was presidential, and that he loves America and the American people! Trump was absolutely correct when he said that this election in 2016 may be our last chance to save the nation. He reminded us that without borders, without respect for the rule of law, we will not have a nation. Trump warned us that if crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton is elected, the United States will be destroyed. He laid out how Barack Obama has severely damaged our country on many levels and that Hillary will push us over the edge.

Perhaps the high point of the festivities last night was when Donald Trump introduced the ′Angel Moms′, a group of mothers and fathers whom have lost children to killer illegal immigrants. Many of their children were killed by illegal immigrants released by Barack Obama in just the past few years. A symbol of how such insane, foolish policy decisions can rip our nation apart.

So, are you now convinced that Donald Trump is ′presidential′ after his Mexico visit? Are you satisfied that Trump has not softened his position on ending illegal immigration after his speech in Phoenix, Arizona? Is your heart and soul full of pride and patriotism knowing that Donald Trump truly cares about America and will do all he can to repair our nation? Or are you still a popping those ′blue-pills′ and buying the foolish rants of Liberals in The Media? There is no doubt that the United States will be a safer nation after the Trump Wall is built and millions of violent, dangerous illegal immigrants are deported. As for the rest, we′ll see how things are after Donald Trump fulfills his promise to Make America Great Again!

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