Back in February of this year, Bill Clinton suggested that the 10,000 Syrian refugees that Barack Obama has imported should be used to rebuild Detroit, Michigan. Breitbart News discovered a video shot during a conference for the Clinton Global Initiative. During which, the husband of presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton made this outlandish suggestion. As if there were not enough unemployed people already living in Detroit to rebuild the city! About 40% of Detroit′s adult, work-aged population is unemployed. The city is in shambles after decades of rule under the Democratic Party. It is no wonder that Donald Trump, who will speak in Detroit this Saturday, says that it is time for voters to wise up and make a change.

Maybe this is why Hillary Clinton wants to bring in even more Syrian refugees? To work as slaves to rebuild America? The Democratic Party has a long history in supporting slavery, as well as its modern incarnation of ′plantation politics′. How else does she expect to provide all of the goodies she promises without slavery? As it is, the Democrats use our tax system as a form of slavery. Brute force to confiscate the earnings of honest, working men and women.

This scheme of Bill Clinton′s touches several important bases. First being that Obama and the Democrats have wrecked our economy. Real unemployment is well over 10% nationwide. The latest estimates show our annual GDP growth rate at barely 1.1%, if that! Then we have the whole Syrian refugee thing. This week marks when the 10,000, mostly military-aged, young men from Syria have entered the United States, thanks to Obama. Less than 0.5% are Christians, the mast majority are Muslims. One has to wonder why it is alright to use religion in admitting refugees but not as a factor in keeping some out?

Not long ago, Hillary Rodham Clinton said that she would give her husband, Bill Clinton, the task of fixing the US economy. Perhaps the desire by Bill Clinton to use the 10,000 Syrian refugees brought in by Barack Obama is part of his final solution? To behead the chronically unemployed so to reduce the national and local unemployment rates? Who can say? I cannot see any other reason why one would send 10,000 Syrian refugees to Detroit, Michigan? Luckily for us, a man of reason, Donald J. Trump, will be in Detroit this Saturday to address the people on his plans to Make America Great Again, including Detroit!

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