So the FBI found another 30 emails about the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attack during their probe into Hillary Rodham Clinton and her private email server. A federal judge has ordered the State Department to review these emails quickly and make them public. It is unknown how many, if any, of these 30 emails are duplicates of previously released emails? But, we do know that at least a dozen Benghazi-related emails were found that were not part of the mass of emails supplied by Hillary Clinton before. Contrary to her repeated statements to the public, the press and to Congress. So much for any argument about wasting time and money on 8 Congressional probes. The person responsible is none other than Hillary Clinton! In other news, Judicial Watch submitted 25 questions for Hillary Clinton to answer within 30 days.

The drip-drip-drip just keeps on dripping! There seems little doubt that Hillary Clinton is losing ground in the most recent polls over her many scandals. She must be crazy to think that none of this will matter come election day. Even Barack Obama′s former doctor now thinks that Hillary Clinton should submit to a neurological examination to determine the state of her health.

The list of Clinton scandals just keeps getting longer and more serious. How can anyone trust her to run the country? She cannot even run her own household! Hillary certainly has no control over her husband, Bill Clinton. Even her influence over her long-time aide, Huma Abedin, is pitiful. Abedin′s husband, Anthony Weiner, should be considered for child endangerment, posting pictures on the Internet of the child alongside Weiner while in bed, demonstrating his ′wang′. What sort of perverts do we have here?

The numerous allegations of Bill Clinton raping and sexually harassing women not only show that Hillary Clinton cannot keep him under control. But, also, that she may have been enabling him by possibly aiding in covering up his transgressions. Hillary′s ″extremely careless″ handling of classified material and failure to own up to such shows no regard for the rule of law. As president, Hillary Clinton would be the Chief Executive, responsible for maintaining that very same rule of law.

The current leadership of the FBI and Justice Department have so far absolved Hillary Clinton of any legal consequences for her actions. If she is elected, then she is home free! If Donald Trump wins, then Hillary find herself facing the music at long last. Even the New York Times editorial board is now concerned that the activities of the Clinton Foundation may be a bridge too far. A stretch of the law and public trust that has been too abused for any good.

So are you surprised that the FBI found another 30 emails about the Benghazi terrorist attack which Hillary Rodham Clinton did not include in her previous document dumps? Will the State Department abide by a federal judge court order and review those 30 emails quickly? Will Hillary Clinton answer the 25 questions submitted by Judicial Watch in the allotted 30 day time period? This whole case should have been handled by a special prosecutor from the very beginning, with wide powers to investigate every nook and cranny. There seems little doubt that something illegal was done and that there has been a major effort to cover it up.

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