Hillary Rodham Clinton is slipping in the polls! The latest from Monmouth shows her still leading Donald Trump by some 7 points, but she lost 6 since she peaked after the DNC convention, just one month ago. At that rate, 3 points every 2 weeks, with 10 weeks to go before the election, Trump will be leading Hillary by 8 points! Wouldn′t that be funny, especially if he won in a landslide by double-digits! A whole lot of Liberals and Cucks will have egg on their faces.

The answers for this decline are very simple. First, we have Donald Trump is kicking butt out on the campaign trail. His message is crisp, clean and consistent, despite what the talking heads in The Media are saying. Secondly, Hillary Clinton is sickly and fatigued. She is barely doing one public appearance per week. This week she is hardly doing any campaigning, other than raising money from her ′One Percenter′ pals in ′The Hamptons′. Then we have the big stories involving Hillary′s gal-pal, Huma Abedin, as well as the Clinton Foundation.

More emails obtained through a FOIA request by Citizens United is revealing additional ′favors′ done for Clinton Foundation donors by the State Department. Most of these were orchestrated between Bill Clinton′s contact man, Doug Band, and Hillary′s gal-pal, Huma Abedin. This information is so damning that the State Department is trying to hold off supplying the rest of Hillary′s schedules and other documents despite a court order until after the election.

Then we have a personal matter for Huma Abedin, as she has now officially separated from her husband, Anthony Weiner. Third time is charm, or, as THEY say, three strikes and you′re out! Weiner got caught for a third time ′sexting′ on social media, this time including photos of himself with Huma and his child. Anthony Weiner is just such a creep! You gotta wonder why Huma ever got involved with him in the first place? Is she THAT stupid? I suppose so, given her devotion to Hillary Clinton.

There was also another amusing story which surfaced in the foreign press and later by the New York Post about Huma Abedin having once worked for a radical Islamic ′journal′, known as the ″Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs″. In fact, Huma was a member of their editorial board. An article published in 2002 claimed that when Bill Clinton bombed Iraq in 1998, it was to distract attention away from the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. What more is that this publication, of which Huma Abedin worked for some 12 years, allegedly may have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical Islamic terror group which once even raised troops to fight for Nazi Germany. Could this by why Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama became so chummy with the Muslim Brotherhood as they tried to turn Egypt into the center of an Islamic global caliphate?

Funny how The Media is not publicizing polls as much as they had been? Other than the Monmouth poll showing Hillary Clinton slipping against Donald Trump, a new poll from NBC also shows her losing some 4 points and Trump gaining 2 points just in the week or two. A significant 6-point shift, putting Trump within striking distance. Of course, I could also add that the L.A. Times/USC daily tracking poll has been showing Trump ahead nationally by 3 points now for nearly a week. About 3 weeks ago, Hillary was ahead by just 1% and the following week, it was tied, then Trump moving ahead by 1%.

Between the Hillary Clinton emails scandal, the Clinton Foundation scandal, and more folks remembering the old Clinton scandals from the 1990s, bad news is piling up for the Democratic Party. Throw in WikiLeaks, DCLeaks, Hillary′s health issues, and now several personal and professional problems with Huma Abedin, it is no wonder why Donald Trump is moving up in the polls. Any objective view of the 2016 election shows that this year′s race for the White House was going to be a nasty, mud-slinging brawl.

Hillary Clinton certainly is not going to win by promoting any issues, since all of her ideas suck! Raise taxes, open the borders, amnesty for all criminals, trash police, trash the military, spit on the flag or burn it, and import tens of thousands of Syrian refugee men to spread terrorism throughout the United States. She′ll even replace Obamacare with Hillarycare, which means free healthcare for all, if you don′t die first before seeing a doctor, not of your choosing!

Just 10 weeks to go before the big election and Hillary Rodham Clinton is rapidly loosing steam while Donald J. Trump is kicking butt! The choice is obvious. A strong, viral manly man, who speaks is mind and heart open and honestly? Or a tired, sickly, corrupt, weak and nagging woman whose persona would make a slate board cringe and warp? The U.S. Army already lists Hillary Clinton as a national security threat due to her mishandling of classified material and many lies to cover it up. A vote for Hillary is a vote for doom! A vote for Donald Trump is a vote to Make America Great Again!

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