Donald J. Trump, said something new yesterday in Iowa that should excite Paleo-Cons and Social Conservatives everywhere! Trump called for the repeal of the Johnson Act of 1954! This act forces pastors and preachers not to be political in their church sermons, else they would lose their tax exempt status from the IRS. WOW!!! This is HUGE!!! Of course, as with all things in life, it would also benefit ′Liberation Theology′ types of the Far-Left. But, percentage-wise, it would be a major success for those seeking to make America a moral nation once again. Donald Trump, himself, even mentioned just that during his closing remarks at the Joni Ernst Roast ′n Ride event at the Iowa State Fair Grounds.

Here, again, we have an indication that Donald Trump really IS a Conservative! Not just any cheap, fly-by-night Neo-Con, but a true, hardcore, Ronald Reagan style, Paleo-Con. Pat Buchanan must be in ′7th Heaven′ today! Thanks to Stephen Bannon from Breitbart News, who recently took over as campaign manager, Trump is back on his core message of ′Make America Great Again′. No more wimpy attempts by the likes of a Paul Manafort to make Trump another Cuckservative. Trump′s speeches of the past two weeks are right back to Classic Trump, though minus the ′Stream of Consciousness′.

Trump wrapped up his speech in Iowa laying out his goals in crisp, rapid-fire style. To create opportunities, to increase wages, to secure our borders, to make the streets safe, to make us a moral nation, to make us a strong nation, to deliver honest government, and restoring control to The People. You are not going to get any of these from Hillary Rodham Clinton! Hillary has already made it very clear that she intends to use executive orders and actions immediately, bypassing Congress and the Constitution, if elected. In the first 100 days, she is going to give a blanket amnesty to the millions of illegal immigrants. Trump told the audience in Iowa that such would be a disaster for America, and he′s right!

For so-called ′Conservatives′ to still complain about Trump is absolutely ridiculous! They have completely lost sight of what is best for the United States of America. What is best for Western Civilization! Their clinging to open borders and other policies, including Interventionism, just goes to show whose side these Cucks are really on. They are in league with the Globalists, and are no better than the Liberal-Progressives who want to destroy America and Western Civilization with their brand of Cultural Marxism.

Donald Trump taking a stand on the repeal of the Johnson Act of 1954 shows a level of understanding the fundamentals of real, true Conservatism which we have not seen since Ronald Reagan. Back during his heyday in the early start of the Tea Party Movement, Glenn Beck made a big issue about reviving the ′Black Robe Regiment′. These were religious leaders, pastors, ministers, preachers, whom fought alongside the Minutemen during the American Revolutionary War. When they weren′t holding a musket on a battlefield, they were preaching the message of Liberty in their churches. Will Glenn Beck finally, now acknowledge that Donald Trump is the sort of leader, candidate, that we need today?

The Johnson Act, itself, is a sham anyway. Politicians of all stripes, be they Democrats or Republicans, still use churches as venues for speaking on subjects. But it does gag and limit clergy men and women from preaching politics, themselves. Many still find ways around the restrictions. If you have enough lawyers, money and pull with the powerful, then you can get away with breaking any law. We have seen plenty of that lately from the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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