Huma Abendin emails obtained from a Citizens United FIOA request show that the State Department did indeed do favors for big money donors to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary Clinton may have known about these favors as well. One particular email, a specific request from Bill Clinton assistant at the Clinton Foundation, Doug Band, asks Huma Abedin, ″Can we get her at Biden′s table?″ The ″her″ is none other than Dr. Judith Rodin, President of The Rockefeller Foundation, who donated between $10 Million to $25 Million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. Huma Abedin replied that, ″I′ll ask.″ Ask who, you may wonder? She either asked her immediate boss, Hillary Clinton, or some State Department staffer, or somebody at the Vice President Joe Biden′s office. Any way you slice it, this clearly shows that a specific favor was being arranged for by the State Department for the benefit of a Clinton Foundation donor. This was not the only case.

Other specific requests for favors were also asked. For example, two, high-ranking executives of Western Union had favors requested via the same way between Doug Band and Huma Abedin. They were Bob McCann, who donated between $500,000 to $1 Million and Hikmet Ersek, who donated between $1 Million to $5 Million dollars. Funny how all of these recent accounts of big money donors to the Clinton Foundation are sizable spreads, like $1 Million to $5 Million dollars. Doesn′t anybody know just how much money was actually donated? Or is it a case of nobody is supposed to know? Especially, say, the IRS? What are the reported amounts to the IRS? Are there any discrepancies between what the donors say they donated what the the Clinton Foundation says was actually given?

I find this all very curious, indeed! Not just that favors were being done, presumably at some cost to the U.S. taxpayers (if, for no other reason, just the time spent by employees of the State Department and other agencies and such), but this whole thing about the lack exact sums of money donated. Now, to be fair, in some cases, such as when the Crown Prince of Bahrain requested a meeting with Hillary Clinton, it has been reported that he ″pledged″ up to $36 Million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. So some of these wide spreads of cash amounts may be the differences between amounts actually given and those pledged. But I do have to wonder if there was any ′spillage′, where some donated money was not counted and instead wound up in somebody′s pocket? The Clinton Foundation has taken in some $2 Billion dollars since created. Even a small amount of ′spillage′ would be a tidy sum.

The Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation officially reports that 79% of all money donated goes towards funding various charity projects. Most ′legitimate′ charities typically are in the mid-80% to mid-90% range. So even having a 21% administration cost is atypical and does not bode well. Some reports say that the percentage of money distributed to charity programs is much, much lower. As low as 8% to 10%! For example, one report just from 2015 shows that the Clinton Foundation took in some $140 Million dollars, but only allocated around $9 Million in grants. Obviously, a deeper, transparent examination into the Clinton Foundation is justly warranted, given what we are learning.

When we add up this along with the whole Hillary Rodham Clinton private email server business, and thousands of missing emails, the stench of corruption increases. The FBI may say that there was no ′criminal intent′ by Hillary Clinton for using private email servers while being Secretary of State. Perhaps there was no ′intent′ to mishandle classified material, even though ′intent′ is not an excuse under the Espionage Act. But it does seem unlikely that there was no ′intent′ in using private email servers to hide correspondence from the public. We already know that many of the thousands of emails deleted using BleachBit were not just about yoga lessons or Chelsea′s wedding. Some were about the Benghazi terrorist attack in 2012. Many seem to be concerning these favors done by Hillary Clinton and the State Department for Clinton Foundation donors.

Hillary Clinton said the other day during an interview that while there may be some smoke, there is no fire. I think her brain has short-circuited again! There is a lot of smoke! More smoke keeps pouring out almost daily. So I may be guessing, but I′m thinking that there is a fire and its still burning! Huma Abedin and Hillary′s other aides and lawyers may be trying to put the fire out, but its a big fire. Even if she gets elected, this blaze is not going to go away. If nothing else, the Citizens United and Judicial Watch lawsuits have Hillary Clinton by the tail already. Congress will impeach her if she makes it to the White House. Even if the Senate fails to toss her out, this scandal is not going away and my guess is that it will only get bigger.

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