Julian Assange of WikiLeaks was making more threats of releasing Hillary Rodham Clinton emails this week. First, on Megyn Kelly′s show on Fox News, then, on ″Fox & Friends″. This was just one piece of bad news for Crooked Hillary. We also have a federal judge demanding that the State Department vet and release the latest batch of 14,900 emails found by the FBI. Some, we are told, have to do with Benghazi. Meanwhile, the State Department seems determined not to release further daily schedules of Hillary until after the election, despite a court order. We also have another story of how Team Clinton used a product known as BleachBit to wipe her private servers with. Plus, a story this morning about a Clinton Foundation ′insider′, who now works as a journalist, claiming that from what he saw, the Clinton Foundation is ″creepy″.

Creepy may be putting it mildly as to how the Clinton Foundation coerced donations. Adam Davidson, a writer for The New Yorker, says that ″there is a real creepy vibe″ back when he was working for the Clinton Foundation. Davidson went on to say that the whole point of the foundation was ″to buy access to Bill Clinton″. I′m sure buying access to Hillary Clinton as well, once she became Secretary of State.

The ′drip-drip-drip′ against Hillary Clinton is not going away. Even after her speech in Nevada on Thursday, pool reporters peppered her with questions about these latest scandals as she served chocolates to the press. Of course, she ignored the questions and did not answer any. After which, fatigued and worn out, she needed a step-stool to help her climb into her vehicle. Another sign of how physically ill she is.

As for WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, Hillary Rodham Clinton may wish she and her staff never used emails. Assange is not bound by any court orders or vetting by the State Department. Hillary Clinton committed political suicide long ago due to her greed, avarice and lust for power. Up until now, The Media has protected her. But with the rise of an alternative media, the game has changed, forever!

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