Yesterday was a funny day as both Dana Perino and Hillary Clinton joined forces against the dreaded ′Alt-Right′. Shorthand for the Alternative Right, Hillary and Dana each spoke out against this rapidly growing political force. What is the Alt-Right and why do a wide range of people oppose it? Seriously, politics makes strange bedfellows, or is it a case of just opening one′s eyes to something that has always existed? That the Globalists and The Establishment have always been the same bunch, even if they rally under different flags like Liberal and Conservative, Democrat and Republican. That they all share a common goal, to keep America, and the rest of the world, careening down the same road it has been for decades, headed for self-destruction!

Now, the ′simple′ explanation for the Hillary Clinton speech on the Alt-Right in Reno, Nevada yesterday is that she is just trying to paint Donald Trump, and his supporters, as being racists. That the real objective is to stop any gains Trump may be making among non-White voters, as well as with White women. Also, to deflect the news cycle away from Hillary′s own troubles with more emails uncovered and revelations about turning the State Department into a cash cow for the Clinton Foundation. On the surface, all of these are good explanations, and if you want go through life with blinders on, then these are easy pills to swallow.

But when we get to the case of Fox News host, Dana PeRINO, her issues with the Alt-Right strike closer to reality. She is attacked by the Alt-Right because she is a Cuckservative, or a Cuck, if you prefer. Perino is a shill for the Bushies and The Establishment. The usual crowd of Globalists who want to maintain the Status Quo for fun and profit. Her partner in crime, Greg Gutfeld, or, as I like to call him, Cuckfeld, is no better. So I was not surprised, yet mildly amused, when they both attacked the Alt-Right during yesterday′s episode of ″The Five″. Cuckfeld even came up with a ′gem′ of his ′wit′, ″There is nothing right about the Alt-Right.″ Wow! Clever, Greg! Very clever! How many glasses of wine did you consume to come up with that one? Both Gutfeld and Perino tried to list their ′credentials′ as God-fearing Republicans or Conservatives. Who cares? If you are wrong, you′re wrong!

So what is the Alt-Right? I′ll admit, I′m not an expert, but I frequently talk with those in the Alt-Right, which, by the way, is the fastest growing political movement on the planet. Let us break it down, the Alt-Right is a big tent of many groups which are not happy with The Establishment, the Globalists and the Status Quo. The Alt-Right is ′Alternative′ as it communicates outside the Main Stream Media, primarily through the Internet. The Alt-Right is ′Right′ as it rejects Marxism in all its forms, including its latest incarnation, ′Cultural Marxism′. This is the brand which is practiced by followers of Saul Alinsky and is behind the whole ′Political Correctness′ agenda.

As I said, the Alt-Right is a big tent. Within it you have disaffected Libertarians, Conservatives, Nationalists, Populists, Objectivists, Capitalists, Birchers, and yes, there are some Neo-Nazi types, too! One subgroup of the Alt-Right which has peaked my interest of late is the Neo-Reactionary crowd. The common thread among them all is that they see that Western Civilization is under threat. That we, as a society, are regressing into barbarism. That we, as a people, are being led by corrupt politicians, working on behalf of the super-wealthy.

Now, given that, many of you may think that the Alt-Right is a good thing and that you should look into it yourself, and you know what? You should because you are right! It is always a good thing to have dissenters around, to have skeptics who question the accepted norm. Having gone through 12 years of Catholic school education, I can attest to this personally! Conformity may sound nice, but it spoils the soul and discourages original thought and creativity.

There are screwballs and extremists in any group. There are some in the Alt-Right, just as there are some in Liberals, Progressives, Marxists, Republicans, Corporate Conservatives, and other likewise stooges for The Establishment. Make no mistake, The Globalists are clever and do a lot to keep their death grip on the planet. Part of that control is the use of violence, torture, chaos and slavery.

How odd it is that neither Hillary Clinton nor Dana Perino seem all that interested in the ongoing holocaust in the Democratic Republic of Congo? You would think that being women, both would speak out against the blood bath there, where some 4 Million people, mostly women, have been killed. Where young girls die from their abdomens being punctured by savage rape. But, no, both are quiet, as are Barack Obama and Ted Cruz. ″The spice must flow!″, and, in that case, the spice from the Congo is tin oxide used in making touchscreens for smart phones and tablets. Whatever it takes, even blood, to feed the digital billionaires is A-Okay with Dana Perino and Hillary Clinton.

That, is just one example. There are many others. When was the last time that George W. Bush or George Will talked about our fiat currency system? Can′t do that because George Soros makes his billions on that one, as well as other currency traders. If you ever learned the truth that our money is worthless, then you might accidentally realize that you are little more than a slave. A comfortable slave, able to enjoy a night on the town now and then, but still a slave!

Many say that the Alt-Right are a bunch of racists. Race is a subject that some discuss. IQ test after IQ test show that there is a difference. It is a mathematical reality. It is also a reality that practically the entire education and entertainment system of our society is geared against White Males. They are ridiculed, belittled, and made to look like either being stupid or evil. Is there an ongoing ′White Genocide′? Here, again, depending on whether you believe demographic data, it would seem so! Joe Biden practically bragged about how Whites will soon be a minority in America, and he seemed rather happy about that.

The Alt-Right is a natural response to the many threats upon on our culture, our society, our nation. And not just our nation, either! Recent gains by ′Nationalist′ political parties in Europe is part of the anti-Globalist reaction. You have high-level politicians who say that there should be no borders, no nations. You have business and financial leaders saying the same thing. Back in 1990, George H. W. Bush proclaimed that the ″New World Order″ is here! One World, One Government. I′m sure Dana Perino was happy about that! We know Hillary Clinton is. Her husband, Bill Clinton, was mentored as a Rhodes Scholar by Prof. Carroll Quigley, author of the ′Bible′ of the New World Order, ″Tragedy and Hope″. Cecil Rhodes, who started the scholarship program, did so to unite and train the future leaders of Anglo-American hegemony that rules the planet.

This is why both Dana Perino and Hillary Clinton are fearful of the Alt-Right. It represents dissenters are will not go away quietly into the night as Western Civilization is destroyed. The Alt-Right is not going to bend over and allow themselves to be raped and enslaved by the Globalists. Dana Perino may be happy taking her 40 pieces of silver, and Hillary Clinton taking a 100 Million pieces of silver, but some of us are not for sale. Me, I′m still pretty mercenary, thanks to the attempt of conformity from 12 years of Catholic education. My price is no less than 50,000 pieces of silver, and they better be nice about it or the deals off! Frankly, I′m not too worried because I know that The System will eventually collapse. If I′m lucky to survive The Great Culling, I′ll change my name to ′Arthur Frain, Vortex 4′, and ride around in a giant floating stone head, supplying my chosen ones with guns and ammunition.

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