The Liberal Media has made a big deal this week on how Donald Trump has changed his position on illegal immigration. Naturally, they are wrong! This is just more lies built upon other lies The Media told before. Donald Trump has never said that he was going to send armies of jack-booted thugs into our cities to go door-to-door and round up all illegal immigrants. Nor did Trump ever say that he would stuff the illegal immigrants into cattle cars and ship them home. Donald Trump has always said that he will deport ″the worst″ of the illegal immigrants, referring to those who make up about 30% of our prison populations, so fast ″it will make your head spin″. Trump has also said that his deportation policy would be ″humane″ from the very beginning of his campaign.

So, the Liberal Media began ′The Lie′ by painting Trump′s immigration policy in the darkest of visions. Now they are lying again saying that Trump is ″softening″ his stance on immigration. Many commentators are even trying to compare this allegedly new position as being the same as those of Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, all of whom have advocated for amnesty and citizenship at some point in the past few years. Even this week, during a town hall hosted by Sean Hannity on Fox News, Donald Trump had it very clear that even those illegal immigrants who might be allowed to stay in the U.S. would not have a chance of becoming citizens unless they first exited the country and returned in a legal fashion.

What this is really all about is The Media trying to provide cover for Hillary Rodham Clinton who took several serious hits over her emails and the Clinton Foundation. Donald Trump is an innocent, harmless lamb in comparison to Hillary and her former boss, Barack Hussein Obama. Together, Obama and Hillary Clinton have caused the deaths of at least 5 to 6 million people, thanks to their policies. A pretty big nut to swallow! When you get into the money side of the massive corruption Obama and Hillary are behind, you easily get into the trillions of dollars. Not that they have made that much themselves, though Hillary Clinton has done well, going from being ′broke′ to having over $100 Million in cash and access to a billion or two more. I′m sure Obama will feather his own nest equally as well once he leaves office.

So don′t be fooled! Donald Trump has not really changed his position on illegal immigration at all. His plan is as rational as it was when he laid it out over a year ago. Build a wall, a REAL wall, to properly secure our borders. Deport the bad guys first, those occupying nearly a third of our prison space for crimes like murder, rape and drug dealing. Then, with just normal attrition, millions of other illegal immigrants will be deported over time. Keep in mind that during 8 years of George W. Bush, who was in favor of amnesty, some 12 million illegals were deported. Under Bill Clinton, the number was around 15 million! The problem was, the illegals kept coming back in! The actual number of illegal immigrants in the United States is probably in the neighborhood of 30 to 50 million people. Plenty will stay so long as they can keep functioning under the radar. But once we have a truly secured border, and an administration which follows existing laws, the number will dwindle over time. We can trust Donald Trump to carry this plan out. So don′t buy the new lies The Media spews!

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