The scene of Hillary Rodham Clinton opening a jar of pickles on Jimmy Kimmel′s show Monday night got very low TV ratings. Her attempt to show how healthy she is had fewer viewers than reruns of ″Robot Chicken″ and ″Mike Tyson Mysteries″ on the Cartoon Network′s ′Adult Swim′ line-up. The Clinton-Kimmel fare only scored 0.4 in ratings whereas ″Robot Chicken″ and ″Mike Tyson Mysteries″ scored a 0.5. Clinton did tie with a rerun of ″Aqua Teen Hunger Force″, which, I suppose, is an accomplishment she might be proud of!

For those of you unfamiliar with ′Adult Swim′ on the Cartoon Network, here is a quick primer. ″Robot Chicken″ is a parody of TV and movies done with toy action figures and clay models. For you younger folks, before the advent of CGI, such special effects were done with ′stop-frame animation′. A pains-taking process of taking one shot with a camera, then adjusting the model slightly before taking another. At a rate of 16 frames per second, you can make the model move on screen.

″Mike Tyson Mysteries″ is a fully animated ′cartoon′ similar to ″Scooby-Doo″. The cartoon series features Mike Tyson, former heavy-weight boxing champion and occasional trouble-maker. He drives around in a van solving mysteries with a group of companions. They are a talking pigeon who drinks and chases women, the ghost of the Marquis of Queensberry, who wrote the book on rules for boxing, and an Chinese-American teenage girl who is the product of a ′tiger-mom′. She is smarter than the rest combined and usually winds up solving the mystery, if there even was one to start with. Sometimes there isn′t a mystery in the episode, just some misunderstanding due to Tyson having issues from past drug abuse and brain concussions.

It does not surprise me that Hillary Rodham Clinton is as popular as ″Aqua Teen Hunger Force″. She makes about as much sense as a group of would-be crime fighters who are talking fast food items. The main characters are Master Shake, who represents the ′Ego′, Frylock, who is the ′Super-Ego′ and Meatwad, who is the ′Id′ incarnate. Master Shake, a large milk shake, is probably most like Hillary Clinton, as he lies endlessly and is very selfish. Frylock, a container of French fries, is very clever and has a super power of laser-eyes. Meatwad is extremely stupid but can change is form from a large meatball to either an igloo or a hotdog. News-hounds may recall a bomb scare in Boston back in 2007 when a LED sign was discovered depicting two regular guest characters to the series, known as ′The Moonites′. They, Ignignokt and Err, are two-dimensional creatures from the Moon who regularly visit Earth to do some shoplifting or run a multi-level-marketing scam. Again, sounds like something right up Hillary Clinton′s alley!

So why would Hillary Rodham Clinton go on a late night TV show that few people will watch? That cannot even match the TV ratings of a rerun of ″Robot Chicken″ or ″Mike Tyson Mysteries″? The answer is obvious, she does not want to be seen because she is so sickly and irritating. This is why the DNC held their debates on evenings and times when TV viewership would be at its lowest. They know, as we do, that the more you see Hillary Clinton, the less you like her. I suppose I should have written about Donald Trump and his alegedly new stance on immigration, or maybe how Hillary will attack the Alt Right today. But I will save those items for tomorrow.

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