Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request made by the Associated Press, we now know that some 85 out of 154 ′non-government′ people met with Hillary Rodham Clinton while she was Secretary of State were donors to the Clinton Foundation. The revelation came yesterday and has caused many people, including Democrats, to raise additional questions about her ethics. Hillary Clinton met some 1,700 people while serving as Secretary of State. The vast majority being related to governments, either heads of state or their representatives. We do know that many national governments were also donors to the Clinton Foundation. But the AP story focuses on just the 154 ′non-government′ meetings. Of those, at least 85 had made major contributions to the Clinton Foundation.

In total, some $156 Million dollars were contributed to the Clinton Foundation by those 85 people who had met with Hillary Clinton. About 40 contributed at least $100,000 each. Some 20 contributed over $1 Million dollars each. According to the AP report, the reasons varied for each person who met with Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State. Some had problems and wanted help from her and the US government. Such as an economist whom the government of Bangladesh was trying to remove from a nonprofit bank. Some had problems with visas, others were working on various outreach programs and causes.

While the AP did not pursue other donors from foreign governments who met with Hillary Clinton in detail, they did establish that at least 16 nations who met with her donated some $170 Million dollars to the Clinton Foundation. The Associated Press report also states quite clearly that there is no direct evidence of any criminal wrong doing. Like any ′white collar crime′, political corruption is extremely difficult for a prosecutor to take to court and win a conviction. You typically need somebody on the inside who turns State′s evidence. The likelihood that the close knit, senior staffers, like Huma Abedin or Cheryl Mills, would spill the beans is very low.

But the new AP story continues to cast a shadow upon Bill and Hillary Clinton. Given their history since entering politics, there are certainly doubts about their ethics and honesty. Since the formation of the charity organization commonly known as the Clinton Foundation in 2000, it has received some $2 Billion dollars from some 6,000 donors. According to official records, in 2015, it raised some $140 Million dollars in donations, but only issued some $9 Million in grants. Where is the rest of the money going?

The larger question, of course, is was there any ′pay-for-play′ activity between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation? In recently released emails and voicemail messages, there was a considerable amount of communication between senior staffers of both organizations. The new story by the Associated Press is based on documents obtained with a FIOA lawsuit after being stonewalled for three years by the State Department. The AP wanted the official calendar and daily schedules of Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State. A federal court finally forced the State Department to turn over the records last year.

The reaction to the AP story by The Media has been interesting. The Boston Globe published an editorial calling for the Clinton Foundation to close its doors immediately. But many are downplaying the AP story, such as James Carville, who claims that ″kids will die″ if the Clinton Foundation is forced to close. Yea, right! Carville should read up on how the Clinton Foundation has stiffed the children in Haiti! If there is a case to be made in a criminal court over ′pay-for-play′, the Haiti scandal may be the ideal example to explore.

Despite a lot of big talk from Bill Clinton, himself, very little money from the Clinton Foundation went to help in Haiti. Barely 10% of the money raised for that purpose was sent and some reports put the actual amount below 1%! Bill Clinton even headed the Interim Haiti Reconstruction Commission, IHRC, which was to oversee some $13 Billion dollars in relief funds. The reconstruction effort was riddled with cronies of the Clintons making out like bandits with contracts and kickbacks, according to press reports from the UK and the Haiti Sentinel. The American news media ignored the story.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got involved, herself, sending her Chief of Staff, Cheryl Mills, to meddle in the 2010 election results in Haiti. $100,000 dollars from the US government were spent changing the will of the Haitian people and allowed for the 4th-place candidate to be named the winner. Michel Martelly benefited when the $100,000 was paid to a group to stage riots and unrest, resulting in him being named president. Since then, Martelly has not held any new elections and has established a totalitarian regime. Which, oh-by-the-way, has granted Hillary Clinton′s younger brother a gold mining contract! One of only two granted in the last 50 years. How nice! While the American media is ignoring the mess left in Haiti by the Clintons, the Haitian people haven′t forgotten! A group were in Philadelphia during the DNC convention to protest against Hillary Rodham Clinton.

You would think that Black Lives Matter might take up the fight to see justice done in Haiti? To find out where that $13 Billion in relief money went? To restore democracy there? How about Donald Trump critics like Beyonce or Will Smith? Morgan Freeman? Why are not Hollywood celebrities all up in arms over Haiti? If they think that Hillary Clinton is going to be good for African-Americans, they got another thing coming. All Hillary Clinton cares about is cashing the checks! Somebody should tell James Carville that plenty of children have died already thanks to the corruption of the Clinton Foundation!

The Associated Press has not gone into this story, either, yet. But as more documents and emails surface and are made public, even they may have to start covering the corruption of the Clinton Foundation and possible ′pay-for-play′ activities between the Foundation and the State Department while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. The AP story from yesterday on donors getting meetings is a good start. Don′t get me wrong, I am glad that they published what they did, but they are just beginning to scratch the surface. That other news networks and newspapers are covering the AP story is also a good sign. The pile of garbage can only grow so high before even the most blind person realizes that there is a pile of garbage growing. The Media shills for Bill and Hillary Clinton have held their noses for many years and avoided making eye contact with the mess those two have created. As the truth continues to seep out, as it always does, even The Media will eventually have to tell it.

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