You have to wonder if Hillary Rodham Clinton has ever been honest and told the truth about anything? She claimed way back in March, 2015, that she had turned over all of her work-related emails while serving as Secretary of State. But, as we later learned, she did not. Now, the FBI has admitted that during their probe into Hillary Clinton′s private email server, they found another 14,900 documents. None of these are about yoga classes or Chelsea′s wedding. Nope! Some apparently seem to indicate that there was some cross-over correspondence between Clinton Foundation officials and Hillary′s staff at the State Department. Laura Graham, COO of the Clinton Foundation often emailed Cheryl Mills, Hillary′s Chief of Staff at the State Department, and her closest advisor, Huma Abedin, about arranging meetings with foundation donors. One in particular was the Crown Prince of Bahrain, whom met with Hillary after, AFTER, he committed to donate some $36 Million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

A federal judge has ordered the Department of State to review and release the 14,900 new email documents of Hillary Clinton found by the FBI. The judge has given them until September 22 to release all of the latest batch of emails to the public. After all, these documents do belong to us, the American People. Hillary Clinton may not think so, but she worked for us, not for herself nor for the Clinton Foundation. All of her official correspondence while as Secretary of State is the property of the U.S. taxpayers.

Naturally, Hillary Clinton and her campaign staff are trying to down play this latest news. She was even on one of the late night comedy shows chuckling about it. Hillary looked like a bobble-head due to her many diseases, including possibly having Parkingson′s Disease. Hillary Clinton was a cackling, awful mess as she tried to convince the host that these latest emails were nothing new. But, obviously they are!

Donald Trump renewed his calls for a proper, genuine investigation into the Clinton Foundation, which Trump says should be closed down immediately. He is not alone. Rudy Giuliani, a former federal prosecutor who took on the Mafia in New York City, likened the Clinton Foundation to them as being a racketeering organization, falling under the guidelines of a RICO investigation. The level of corruption is unclear, but there is enough information already available to warrant an in-depth probe.

The heart of this involves a potential ′pay-for-play′ scheme. Foreign leaders and businesses may have made donations to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for access to then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She had promised Barack Obama that there would be no interaction between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation, but the emails and other documentation already available shows that there had been plenty. Even now, Bill Clinton is sending public signals to foreign donors that if they want to contribute, they should do so now before his wife is elected, if she is elected.

The Clinton Foundation has been a cash register for the Clinton family. Charity Navigator, a watchdog group that scores charity organizations as to how much of the money donated to them actually goes to help people and such, has stopped scoring the Clinton Foundation in 2015. They say that there is simply a lack of transparency from the Clinton Foundation to know what money, if any, is actually going to help anyone. Some estimates report that less than 10% of the money received by the Clinton Foundation is used to benefit others. Most of the money appears to be spent on ′administration costs′, including private jets and luxury hotels for when the Clintons travel. According to her 2015 federal tax returns, Hillary Clinton gave 96% of all the money she donated to charity to the Clinton Foundation. This is essentially her simply paying herself.

What will come of the latest batch of 14,900 Hillary Clinton email documents found by the FBI? Who knows? But we can say with all certainty that these were not faked by Russian hackers or by now DNC staff lawyers who have died suddenly in the past few weeks. They did not come from Julian Assange via WikiLeaks. Nope, they came from the Federal Bureau of Investigations. The FBI found these 14,900 Hillary Clinton email documents as a result of their probe into the use by Hillary Rodham Clinton of a private email server. A use for which she is now trying to blame Colin Powell for. Unfortunately, the alleged conversation she claims she had with Powell took place about a year AFTER she had the private email server set up! Is her faulty memory another sign of serious health problems making her unfit to serve as president? Or should we just stick to her being unfit to serve because she is a liar and corrupt as all heck?

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