A lot is being said these days about the Hillary Clinton illness being a potential campaign threat. Her health, both physical and mental, is being questioned by many. Not just by anonymous people on the Internet, by also by some well known folks, too! Former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani has joined in the discussion, saying that the videos he has seen on the Internet indeed show that Hillary Clinton has some sort of serious illness. One such video claims that the signs are pointing to Hillary Clinton having Parkinson′s Disease. Do the American People have a right to know the true state of her health from an unbiased review?

Rudy Giuliani made the statement concerning the Hillary Clinton illness rumors on Fox News Sunday yesterday. He suggests that ′The Media′ is not covering this story. That all one needs to do is do a Google search for ″Hillary Clinton illness″ and many videos would pop up for viewing.

There is some public information available that does raise the question as to just how healthy Hillary Rodham Clinton is? One such piece of information is the fact that Hillary Clinton is on a prescription for taking a blood thinner drug called Coumadin. This drug is used to prevent blood clots, as well as prevent heart attacks and strokes. Dr. Milton R. Wolf told Paul Watson of InfoWars.com that ″Hillary′s doctors know you would NEVER, NEVER give Coumadin to norma, healthy patients. It′s too dangerous, her risk of morbidity/mortality from blood clots without Coumadin must be substantial.″

Another doctor, this one well known to the American public, Dr. Drew Pinsky, has also made public statements questioning the health of Hillary Clinton and the medication she is taking. He told the hosts of the KABC morning show that the treatment she is receiving is ″bizarre″, and Dr. Drew went on to say that he was ″gravely concerned″ about the Hillary Clinton illness. A well renown physician, Dr. Jane M. Orient, wrote a piece for the AAPS, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, which she is Executive Director of, which questions the state of Hillary′s health. Dr. Orient lists a number of publicized incidents where Hillary Clinton has shown abnormal behavior and details potential problems associated with concussions, which she may have had from her fall in December of 2012. These include difficulty thinking, confusion, memory problems, emotional outbursts, plus balance and coordination problems.

Now, the Far Left will say that all of this is nonsense, just another ′vast, Right Wing conspiracy′. Some will raise the issue of the background of the AAPS as a ′Conservative′ medical association, which has opposed government healthcare schemes since the late 1940s. But the growing pile of evidence shows that something is certainly wrong with Hillary Clinton. We know from the Clinton emails that her closest aide, Huma Abedin, wrote back in January 26, 2013 that Hillary Rodham Clinton ″is often confused″. It is a fact that due to Hillary′s fall on December 17, 2012, that she was diagnosed with a concussion, as well as with ″transverse sinus thrombosis″. That it took her six months to recover.

Hillary Clinton has shown issues with stability and balance since 2009, when she fell and broke her elbow. With another serious fall three years later, it would seem to indicate a possible condition of failing reflexes, a symptom of Parkinson′s Disease. More recent incidents of her being unbalanced, such as tripping and such, could be related as well to PD. Some of her reactions, from watching the balloon drop at the DNC convention to going ′blank′ when peppered by questions from the press could indicate conditions related to Parkinson′s Disease called Bradykinesia and LevoDopa Induced Dyskinesia. Even more minor, common symptoms, such as her ′brain freezes′, coughing, trouble swallowing, plus extended and inappropriate laughter may be signs of PD.

Are rumors of a Hillary Clinton illness enough to validate a need for a full disclosure to the American People? Are Rudy Giuliani, Dr. Drew Pinsky and others correct that Hillary Rodham Clinton may have health problems which disqualify her from being elected president? Does the growing mountain of evidence point to Hillary Clinton having Parkinson′s Disease and other serious health issues? Can she be trusted to act rationally while her mind and body deteriorate from various diseases and the drugs used to treat them? Where there is smoke there is fire and there is plenty of smoke concerning a problematic Hillary Clinton illness. Recent polls show some 58% of voters want her medical records to be made public. Obviously, this is a story that people are concerned about and The Media is ignoring it to cover their chosen candidate.

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