Ever since the RNC convention, Donald J. Trump has been calling for African-American voters to support him. This week, his newest ′tag line′ is, ″What do you have to lose?″ Trump is also ramping up his effort to win Hispanic voters. Trump argues that both Black and Hispanic voters have done poorly voting for Democratic Party candidates. They have little to show for their votes, and, in fact, are worse off now than they were just 8 years ago. Nearly every major city has been run by Democrats for the past several decades, and they are becoming hell-holes of crime, joblessness and despair.

Donald Trump has been reminding Black voters in his recent speeches that the Republican Party is the party of Abraham Lincoln. The GOP was the anti-slavery party when created. The 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments were all passed by Republicans, with 100% of Democratic Party politicians opposing these amendments. Even the Civil Rights Act was passed mainly due to Republican support.

Just since Barack Obama has been in office, unemployment among Blacks and Hispanics has increased. Their wages have decreased. More have been forced on welfare, more on food stamps. Crime within their communities is increasing. Their children are going nowhere in failing schools. All of these conditions are the direct result of Progressive-Liberalism as practiced by the Democratic Party.

There is little doubt that the Democrats are taking their head-lock on Black and Hispanic voters for granted. This is why there has been no substantial improvements. Most of the laws and programs passed in the last 8 years have been to benefit billionaires and large corporations which contribute huge sums of cash to the Democratic Party. Much more money than they donate to the GOP. Along with donations and support from unions, the Democrats play their game of ′plantation politics′ for all its worth.

Donald Trump threatens ′The Establishment′. The ′Deep State′. The ′Status Quo′. A Trump presidency would be one of major, political reform. On a scale never seen before. Some in the ′Never Trump′ movement are frightened by this, as it means their scam of ′Conservative Media′ would be undone, as well. Donald Trump will smash the machinery of political corruption and restore power to the American People!

Trump′s policies would have a direct impact on the Black and Hispanic communities, removing barriers which keep them in eternal poverty. He will level the playing field for all and get the jack-boot of Big Government off of the necks of small business and individuals. Donald Trump has stated that he intends to make the Republican Party a ′workers party′. And well it should be, for those who work and pay taxes are the most oppressed by The Establishment and by the Democratic Party.

How will Donald Trump do with Black and Hispanic voters? My ′optimistic′ guess is that he may get double digits of African-American voters, say 11-15%. Which, by itself, would be a significant accomplishment. For Hispanic or Latino voters, I think Donald Trump will get about 30%, maybe a tad higher. Most polling data does not distinguish gender in these minority groups. For the life of me, I cannot see many Black or Hispanic men being all that excited over voting for Hillary Rodham Clinton. She is doing very poorly with the White Male vote, even worse than Obama did. The more you see of her on TV, the more she appears as what she is, a nagging hag!

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