Talk about creating a large ′carbon footprint′, Hillary Rodham Clinton used a private, corporate jet to travel 20 miles on Saturday. She went from Martha′s Vineyard, where she celebrated Bill Clinton′s 70th birthday Friday night, and flew 20 miles to Nantucket, Massachusetts to attend a fund raiser. Hillary could have easily taken a ferry, or even a private boat, or even a helicopter or smaller airplane. Any of these options would have gotten her to her location just as quickly and cause less pollution. But, no, Hillary Clinton considers herself as ′special′, above the law, above the riff-raff. How she scores so well in polls about people thinking she cares about them is a massive mystery. Or is it? Is that the result of all of the lies she tells, as well as those of her allies in The Media?

The obvious answer is, Yes! Hillary Clinton has told so many lies about herself and her husband that I doubt if even she knows the truth anymore. Among those who claim to be her supporters, they are also brainwashed by the continuous flow of lies by the Clinton campaign. The Media is no better, both in believing Clinton′s lies and repeating them to the public as fact. They even occasionally take the time to make up some lies themselves.

This latest escapade reminds me of how Barack Obama had an Air Force transport fly out the family dog on one of their Hawaiian vacations. Or when they ordered a Marine V-22 Osprey to fly their dog from Washington, DC, to their vacation on Martha′s Vineyard. Funny how it is that these so-called, ′For-The-People′ types abuse their power like Emperors or Sultans. One could argue the same about Donald Trump, but, in his case, he bought and paid for his aircraft. They are his to do as he pleases. He even pays the crews and buys the fuel.

But not Hillary Rodham Clinton. Her campaign may have paid for the jet to fly her 20-whole miles, but its not her own money, now is it? Easy to see why she is trying to raise a billion dollars given how she needs a huge support staff and all the luxury she can swallow. Let us hope it makes a few voters think twice about casting their ballots for her. Where are the environmentalists? Or the Equal Pay and Soak-The-Rich people? Talk about the greedy ′One-Percenters′, Hillary Clinton is a full member!

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