Republican Presidential Nominee Donald J. Trump, along with his running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, were in Baton Rouge, Louisiana yesterday to lend a hand to flood victims. They met and spoke with victims, as well as ′First Responders′ about the situation there. At least 13 people have died in the past two weeks with some 85,000 now homeless since hit with a series of torrential rains. Many people are still missing, unaccounted for and feared to be dead. Trump and Pence even helped out unloading a semi-trailer and passed supplies to flood survivors. Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama is still vacationing at an exclusive resort on Martha′s Vineyard, playing golf with billionaires and comedians. The only drama Obama faced was having to deal with one of his daughters smoking marijuana at a rave party.

Yes, typical Obama! Never around when you need him! Always playing golf while people are dying and suffering. This is not the first time Obama has dissed Louisiana. During the BP oil spill disaster, Obama remained silent for some 13 days and actually worked against clean up efforts, rejecting assistance from foreign governments and corporations. He even invoked an obscure maritime law preventing non-union sailors from helping with the oil spill.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump and Mike Pence shown themselves to be men of action! Not afraid to where needed and lend a hand. Pretty good for a 70 year-old man to be unloading a 40-foot tractor trailer! Trump showed far more stamina than either Obama or the lame, sickly Hillary Rodham Clinton. She, too, was on the island of Martha′s Vineyard yesterday, celebrating Bill Clinton′s 70th birthday. I′m sure he would have rather spent the evening with his latest alleged mistress, a divorced neighbor in Chappaqua, New York.

After Donald Trump shamed Barack Obama by visiting the Louisiana flood victims, the White House has announced that Obama will FINALLY tear himself away from the golf courses and travel to Baton Rouge on Tuesday. Not that Obama will do anything there except maybe write an executive order to tax rain water or something equally stupid. Perhaps Obama will bring a bag of marijuana to Louisiana and roll a joint for the flood victims?

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