Last night in Charlotte, North Carolina, Donald Trump gave a terrific speech at his campaign rally. Some would say it may have been his best speech yet. The pundits and other talking heads on cable news shows are all going bonkers over the speech. They are saying that this may be the sign that Donald Trump has made his ′pivot′ for the general election. But, they are wrong! As usual, the expert pundits are trying to write the Trump campaign′s obituary, as they are in the tank for Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton. So ′The Media′ is in error when they say that Trump made his pivot last night. Donald Trump did not pivot, for to do so means that he changed direction, changed his message. He did not! Limp-wristed Liberals will shutter at my firearm analogy, but what has happened this week is that Donald Trump has merely changed his method of targeting. He went from just using ′Iron Sights′ to using a high-powered scope. Or, at the very least, an electronic, illuminated ′Red-Dot′ optic sight. Trump has always been ′on target′ with his reality-based message. Last night, he hit the target dead-square center!

Since Monday, Trump has given three important speeches and all of them were delivered by way of teleprompter. They were all perfect examples of Public Speaking 101. Crisp, deliberate, organized and to the point. No more rambling, ′stream of consciousness′ utterances. Me, I kind of like ′stream of consciousness′ as it is organic. As a student of the history of science and technology, I recognize that many of our greatest developments had humble beginnings, more often than not the result of an accident or some spontaneous insight, change in trajectory.

Sort of like good puck handling in an offensive drive in ice hockey. Two or three players are driving towards their opponent′s goal net, passing the puck back and forth, forcing the defense to adjust. Then, suddenly, comes the last pass, and the next thing you see is a quick wrist-shot which puts the puck right through the ′5-Hole′, between the goalie′s skates. The light comes on and the crowd cheers! He shoots, he SCORES!!!

Donald Trump said very little of anything new last night during his speech in Charlotte, NC. His message was the same as it always has been. He attacked Hillary Rodham Clinton for being a liar. Trump attacked the failed policies of Barack Obama. He bashed The Media and the Status Quo. Trump spelled out the need to support our police, military and veterans. To build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. To renegotiate trade deals. To appoint Supreme Court Justices who will protect and preserve our Constitution, not tear it apart. Trump continued to hammer on the economy and his plan to create jobs. Yes, it was all ′Classic Trump′, but new and improved. Fat-free and fine tuned. Donald Trump also played his most important card, that he is an honest man who will not lie to the America people as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton do everyday. How can you not vote for him?

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