Glenn Beck is still a ′Cuck′, appearing once again with Bill O′Reilly last night, determined to trash Donald Trump. Even with ′Lord Haw-Haw′ O′Reilly pointing out that the only real options are Trump or Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton, Beck still cannot face reality. Probably explains why his show and website are in free-fall. Fox News should charge Glenn Beck with advertising fees, as there was a large poster in the background promoting Beck′s new book, ″Liars″. No, its not an autobiography, though it should be, its just another retelling of the same old crap.

This article is an ′Open Thread′, which I have not done in a while. This means that you may feel free to comment on any subject you wish. For me, kicking Glenn Beck again is no big deal. But no other ′news story′ leaps out at me as worth commenting on. Most of The Media is transfixed on what it means that the Trump campaign has hired Stephen Bannon of Breitbart News and Kellyanne Conway. They will be assuming the day-to-day operations of the campaign, as well as letting Trump be Trump. Donald Trump is doing better in the polls since the DNC convention and should begin a serious rebound as the first wave of TV ads start airing Friday. Some public polls show the race is very close, such as the LA Times daily tracking poll which has Clinton up by less than one percent.

I was tempted to write another piece about Hillary Clinton being sickly. America′s favorite physician, Dr. Drew, gave an interview voicing concerns. He not only believes that Hillary has serious health issues, but is also being mistreated by her doctors. Her condition and medication would explain why she seems to be very wobbling, requiring assistance in standing, walking or even just sitting upright. A new video produced by her own campaign shows her being propped up by a bunch pillows. Her stamina is questionable, as she will not be doing any public events until Sunday.

But, no, I chose to trash Glenn Beck again for being such a Cuckservative. He is still advocating people to toss their vote away to some loon, Third Party candidate. This is the fundamental error with the whole ′Never Trump′ idiots. Okay, fine, you don′t like Trump, so you are going to act in such a way that gives Hillary Clinton the White House? Where is the rationale for that? Just piss away the Supreme Court, the economy, our national security and safety! Great idea, guys! If they, the Cucks, actually had a candidate that would deny both Hillary and Trump the White House, then I might get the logic. Cause a short fall in the Electoral College and toss the choice to the House of Representatives. But that is not going to happen!

I admit that based on the polling so far, things are not good for the Donald Trump campaign. But, there is still plenty of time and a lot of people are not going to decide until after the debates. In 1980, Ronald Reagan was behind in the polls until nearly the last couple of weeks and he won by a landslide. If you consider the state of the economy and the general mood of the country, this year resembles 1980 far more than any other recent election cycle. Even former Democratic hopeful Harold Ford is very cautious, citing the unknown factor of the voter turnout. We saw in the primaries that a whole lot of people who either voted Democratic, or never voted before, went GOP and mostly voted for Trump.

Glenn Beck, like many others, is simply not reading the public very well. A whole slew of ′Cuck′ websites, like The Blaze, National Review, and Red State have fallen sharply in viewership the last few months because of their anti-Trump stances. On television, CNN has fallen even below MSNBC, which only covers the news about half the time, if that. Fox News has stumbled a bit, but they are still way ahead, even with the highly cherished demographics of younger viewers. Donald Trump′s arguments about how ′The System′ is rigged and how ′The Media′ are a bunch of liars has made an impact.

Glenn Beck is still a Cuck and a dumb one at that! He doesn′t get it that Donald Trump IS a true Conservative, rooted in reality as per Edmund Burke and Ronald Reagan. It is raining and we have to seek shelter! Trump wants to ′conserve′ America! Keep our nation from self-destructing due to crooked, deceptive politics. At last, we have a truly honest candidate running for president. Donald Trump is still drawing huge, excited crowds to his rallies. He has sparked a glimmer of hope in the public. Trump is rational. America is sinking from being torpedoed. First thing you do is stop more water from flooding in. Then you pump out the excess, then you mop up the mess and fix or replace whatever was damaged. You don′t stop the ship from sinking by letting more water in and you don′t start fixing things until you′ve cleaned things up. That is reality, common sense. Any 4 year-old can see the logic. But not Glenn Beck and the rest of the Cucks.

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