According to The Daily Caller, a leaked memo from the George Soros organization, the Open Society Foundation, reveals ″new opportunities″ for Soros and his Globalist pals. The memo, dated May 12, 2016, was by Anna Crowley and Katin Rosin, both employees of OSF. Entitled, ″Migration Governance and Enforcement Portfolio Review″, the memo details how to take advantage of the current refugee crisis in Europe to influence global immigration policies. It describes the refugee crisis as the ″New Normal″, and calls on ″supporting actors in the field proactively seeking to change the polcies, rules and regulations that govern migration.″ The Open Society Foundation has long had as one of its many, Liberal agendas the creation of ′Open Borders′ worldwide, thus, effectively ending the concept of the nation-state.

The OSF funds many Left-Wing groups, including those which preach a general amnesty for all illegal immigrants. Hillary Rodham Clinton, to whom Soros has contributed millions of dollars to her SuperPAC, supports amnesty. Her campaign is getting additional help from George Soros, in way of a multi-million dollar program to register Latino voters. An illegal immigrant, Astrid Silva, has been tapped by the Clinton campaign to head this program. She has already begun working on registering Latinos as the organizing director of the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada in a campaign called ″Families Fight Back″, which is heavily funded by Soros. Tim Kaine, Hillary′s running mate, recently met with George Soros′ son, Aleander for a secret pow-wow.

Other hacked emails by a group known as DCLeaks show that George Soros has been spending big bucks attacking the nation of Israel. Some of the reported $10 Million dollars to that cause include campaigns to show Israel to be a racist and anti-democratic state. Of course, Israel is the only real democracy in the Middle East, and the only country where religious tolerance is practiced. Bloomberg News reports that DCLeaks hacked some 2,576 documents from the Open Society Foundation. Not only do some of these show how certain people and Right Wing groups are being targeted by Soros, they also show at least one instance of Soros trying to influence Hillary Clinton while as Secretary of State. That one was about some unrest in Albania, on which Soros was spelling out a course of action for her and the Barack Obama administration to take. In more recent years, Soros has been pushing policy on Ukraine, where he has a large financial stake.

We all know that George Soros is a major player in world affairs who needs watching. His money funds many Far-Left groups and causes, such as Black Lives Matter and La Razza. Soros is a major donor to Democratic Party candidates, both on a national and local level. After the GOP won the House of Representatives back in 2010 thanks to the Tea Party Movement, Soros has been busy trying to turn state-level legislatures and governors his way. This guy is the closest thing to the James Bond super-villain, Ernst Stravro Blofeld, the leader of SPECTRE, the Special Executive for Counter-Intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion. While George Soros may not have a secret base inside a volcano, he certainly has his fingers on many buttons, and is pulling the strings of many people.

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