After two nights of violence, a curfew has calmed things down in Milwaukee, Wisconsin after another race riot began over a police shooting. An African-American police officer shot and killed 23 year-old Sylville Smith, who was armed with a stolen gun. Smith was well known to Milwaukee police, having been arrested some 9 times before. Riots broke out after trouble makers spread false rumors on social media. Even the New York Times got suckered into posting a headline, initially misleading their readers that Smith had been unarmed when shot. Six businesses in the neighborhood were burned down, as well as several automobiles, including one police car. A number of people were injured during the rioting on Saturday and Sunday nights, including one police officer whom had been shot.

Sherelle Smith, sister of Sylville, caused considerable disharmony, advocating to rioters not to burn down their own neighborhood, but to take their violence to the suburbs. Some smart-phone video shows rioters targeting Whites, chasing them and beating them up. The city′s mayor and other civil leaders tried to restore order quickly, begging parents to keep their teenagers home at night. Sylville Smith′s own father voiced his shame, blaming himself for not being a good role model. The father had just been released from jail two months ago.

Milwaukee′s police chief, Ed Flynn, blamed activists from Chicago for much of the violence. He claims that some were organizing rioters on street corners to throw rocks at police and even shoot them. Sheriff David Clarke blamed the Liberal, Democratic administrations which have been running the city since 1908. Milwaukee is the 6th poorest city in America with the third worst school system. It ranks Number One in the nation for high school graduates unable to read at a 4th Grade level. Black unemployment is around 35%. Clarke says that the ′Progressive′ politics is the real culprit to the rioting.

While the curfew has calmed things down in Milwaukee after two nights of riots, further south, in Chicago, Illinois, violence continues to rule the streets. Some 99 people were shot last week with over 50 just this weekend. More than two dozen people were killed in Chicago. There is no doubt that Sheriff Clarke is correct in his observations that Liberalism is to blame for the unending poverty in Milwaukee. Wisconsin is the home of the Progressive movement, which traces its roots back to the late 19th Century.

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