Donald J. Trump spoke in Youngstown, Ohio, yesterday, delivering a speech outlining his 3-pillar plan for defeating radical Islamic terrorism. Trump intends to develop ′extreme vetting′ to prevent terrorists from entering the United States as refugees, immigrants, or under the multiple visa programs. He will smash their infrastructure enabling them to recruit, supply, and fund their operations with an aggressive stance on Internet activities, banking procedures and attacking income sources like oil. Trump will also create a commission to identify radical Islamic terrorism, its ideology and develop a system for public awareness to spot potential radicalization. Some parts of his plan overlap, such as deporting those currently in the United States who preach a radical form of Islam, and developing the human intelligence by keeping Gitmo open as a base for questioning foreign fighters captured.

The Trump Plan is a refreshing change from the weak-kneed approach practiced by Barack Obama, and favored by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Obama has accelerated his plan to allow in more Syrian refugees, which Hillary wants to further increase by some 550%. Just the sort of policy being used currently in Germany and other European nations, where terrorist attacks are occurring nearly everyday. Trump will cease allowing Syrian refugees from entering the United States, and instead aid them by establishing safe zones within their own country. But the lion′s share of the work must be done by our partners and allies, as Trump will bring an end to the Neo-Con policy of nation-building.

While Obama is emptying Gitmo and intends to close it, Trump will keep it open. Trump will still authorize drone strikes, but whenever possible, we will capture terrorists and interrogate them. Once we have learned what we can, the terrorists will then face trial by a military court in Gitmo and be prosecuted for their crimes. But, perhaps the most important policy change will be identifying and recognizing the very nature of radical Islamic terrorism. Obama and Hillary won′t even say the phrase! Trump wants to expose it completely and educate the public on what we are exactly fighting. Something even George W. Bush failed to do!

The Donald Trump speech on terrorism yesterday was one of the best he has delivered since declaring himself a presidential candidate. He offered a rational, specific plan to defeat radical Islamic terrorism, and did not limit himself just to stopping the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, ISIL or Daesh. Trump recognizes, unlike Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, that this is an ideological struggle equal to that which we fought against the old Soviet Union during the Cold War. The Trump plan will identify the signs of this ideology, and establish the means to coordinate a response with all levels of government, as well as with community leaders, including those in the Muslim community, to root out the trouble makers before they can act.

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