AMC-TV aired a special preview for ′The Walking Dead′ Season 7 last night. At the very end was a new trailer, which I have below, which shows Dwight, one of ′arch-villain′ Negan′s ′Saviors′, riding Darly′s motorcycle and wearing his vest. Yes, the one with the angel wings on the back! Does this mean that Negan killed Daryl Dixon at the end of the Season 6 finale? With just two months to go before the series returns, speculation on who Negan killed has remained high all throughout the summer.

Fans of ′The Walking Dead′ already have it in for Dwight. He stole Daryl′s motorcycle and crossbow several episodes before the Season 6 ended. Dwight then caused more heartache when he killed Dr. Denise, presumably by accident, missing his intended target, Daryl. But Dwight eventually did connect, shooting Daryl in the finale.

Those fans who read the comic book series know that it is Dwight who is the Savior member that Rick convinces to help overthrow Negan. We shall see if that story arc is followed on the TV series. Of course, in the comic books, Daryl was never a factor in the first place. He never existed in the comic books. There was once a rumor that he might be added, but that turned out to be an April Fools prank.

So was ′The Walking Dead′ Season 7 trailer shown last night on AMC-TV a clue? Was Dwight wearing the vest of Daryl Dixon a sign that Negan killed Daryl? There is plenty of speculation on the subject. Possible victims of Negan include Glenn, Maggie, Abraham and Eugene. Killing off Abraham or Eugene would not cause too much ire and angst among fans, so they are safe ′kills′. There had already been considerable uproar when people thought Glenn had been killed earlier in Season 6. Glenn′s death now may be stomached despite his popularity. But killing off Daryl Dixon would open up a huge can of worms, which could impact ratings, which have already begun to slip for the series.

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