While Democrats and The Media try to attack Donald Trump about the first use of nuclear weapons, Barack Obama is now scaring our allies. Obama wants to adopt a ′No First Use of Nuclear Weapon′ protocol. Even members of his own cabinet, like John Kerry and Ash Carter are reluctant to throw away nearly 70 years of strategic defense doctrine. Our allies in Europe and Asia are not happy about Obama′s idea, either. France, the UK, Japan and South Korea all are publicly opposed to Obama redefining when, where, how and why to use nuclear weapons. At the heart of this policy change is Obama wanting to only use nuclear weapons after an attack. Can you say, ′Pearl Harbor′?

What do you expect? Even after seven and a half years as a ′world leader′, Barack Obama is still acting like a freshman Senator. Even Obama′s Secretary of the Air Force, Deborah Lee James, the first woman to hold the position, told the ″Defense News″ that she is ″concerned″ about such a doctrinal change. However, Obama wants to follow similar pledges made by India, China and, most recently, North Korea. Yeah! Like we should believe North Korea! Or even China for that matter!

I recently raised this issue in an article, ″Joe Scarborough is an Idiot″, for suggesting that the GOP dump Donald Trump immediately because of his comments about using nuclear weapons. Trump said that he might consider using them under certain conditions in Europe and elsewhere. He then joked, ″Hell, I might even use them in Chicago!″ No need to do that, Donald. Just this past week, another 100 people were shot in Chicago under the control of a Democratic Party administration. They sure know how to keep order, don′t they?

There are plenty of scenarios where the first use of nuclear weapons by the United States may not only be plausible, but absolutely necessary. In the same article, I described one such scenario put forward by James Rickards, the editor of ″Strategic Intelligence″. But intelligence is not Barack Obama′s strong suit. He doesn′t have much to begin with, and has a habit of skipping daily intelligence briefings. They cut into Obama′s leisurely work schedule of only working from about 11am till 3pm before heading off to having cocktails with The Media or an evening with cop-hating, rap singers.

This is just one more of many reasons why voting for Donald Trump is a moral imperative. We know that Hillary Rodham Clinton cannot be trusted with our national security, let alone with any other aspect of governing the United States of America. Edmund Burke, the Father of Conservatism′, describes this political movement as one rooted in reality. Utopian ideologies, whether from Monarchs, Communists or Liberals and ′Progressives′ are just that, ideologies. Some ′thought experiment′ that fails to take in all of the variables possible in real life. Ronald Reagan described the Conservative movement a bit simpler, that being ′knowing when to get out of the rain′. The ′Real World′ is always a dangerous place and to leave any option off the table is a bad decision.

So are you rejoicing that Barack Obama wants a ′No First Use of Nuclear Weapon′ protocol for America? To join along with China and North Korea, trustworthy nations, and follow their lead? Or are you skeptical like members of Obama′s own cabinet, such as John Kerry and Ash Carter? Or opposed to Obama′s pie-in-the-sky thinking like our allies, such as the UK, France, South Korea and Japan? Donald Trump may be ′just a businessman′, but he has a better grip on how, when, where and why to use nuclear weapons than Obama does. As for Hillary Rodham Clinton, who cares what she thinks since she, like Obama, just lies all the time. Hillary would probably be willing to sell our nuclear weapons to anyone who makes a donation to the Clinton Foundation, or arranges for her husband Bill to give a speech and receive a fat pay day.

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