This was a very good week for Dr. Michael Savage, host of the hit radio show, ″The Savage Nation″. Not only did the official announcement come out that he will be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame this November, but he has inked a deal to remain on the airwaves for a few more years. Details are hard to verify, but rumor has it he got a big pay raise! His new, nonfiction book, ″Scorched Earth″, will be out after Labor Day. I have already been notified that I shall be receiving an advanced copy to review here. After all, Michael Savage liked my review of his last political book, ″Government Zero″, so much that he read it to his audience last October.

I could probably write an article or two per week about what goes on in ″The Savage Nation″. My reluctance to do so stems from several years ago when I often commentated on Glenn Beck′s show on the Fox News Channel. I admit, I got snookered by that Cheeto-faced Cuck! Beck certainly has fallen from grace. Michael Savage is a different animal altogether. Unlike Beck, and a few other notable talk show hosts in the so-called ′Conservative′ media, Savage has authenticity.

Having grown up in Detroit, Michigan, I was very fortunate to live in a ′market′ very rich in media. Just for starters, I could get the CBC TV broadcasts long before the age of cable and home satellite systems. Not only was that great for watching hockey and curling, but there was excellent comedy shows and their news broadcasts, while still Liberal, had a different slant than their American counterparts. But radio is the really big difference in Detroit. The Motor City was king of the airwaves as well as the auto industry.

Detroit had some of the best music radio stations in North America. In the world! Even my Liberal enemies and I can play nice as we reminisce about the WABX ′Air Aces′ out of Ann Arbor. WRIF was another great Rock n′ Roll station. On Sunday nights for a while, they had an amateur hour where locals could take the microphone and spin their favorite records. One night, a buddy of mine and myself were driving up to his cottage on Lake Huron for a week of fishing and serious, recreational drug use. A girl we had both known from grade school had her shot on WRIF and she played the greatest music ever for a midnight ride on LSD!

Likewise, Detroit had some great local talent for talk radio, as well. Michael Savage reminds me of two of those hosts, David Newman and Mark Scott. Like Savage, Newman was from New York City and had a terrific, deep, ′radio voice′. Listening to Savage recall his days growing up in the Big Apple brings back to my mind similar stories told by David. When it comes to rational, free-thinking intellect, Mark Scott was king. His program was literally a philosophy class, teaching the audience the Objectivism of Ayn Rand. Scott could bash Republicans as easily as he could Democrats, just as Michael Savage does.

As a regular listener to ″The Savage Nation″, I have come to appreciate Michael Savage, even though I do not always agree with him. Savage still believes in the Constitution, though he does seem to be realizing that it is flawed. His support of Donald Trump shows that he still has some hope left for salvaging Western Civilization, and America, from the inevitable collapse that awaits us. But, from time to time, I do get the feeling that Michael Savage is starting to become a Neo-Reactionary. I half expect one day to tune in and hear him ranting about ′mole-bugs′ and quoting John Calvin.

Even though we are probably still aways away from Dr. Michael Savage, host of ″The Savage Nation″, from officially joining the fastest growing political movement in America, his radio show is worth listening to. He is definitely on the path for becoming a Neo-Reactionary, which is logical, after 8 years of the Neo-Revolutionary Barack Obama. Make no mistake, Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are both fans of Saul Alinsky, who was a Neo-Marxist, breaking away from the Classical Marxist divisions of economic classes. Obama and Hillary follow the Alinsky model of further dividing the nation by race, gender, sexual preferences, etc. Their objective is not to bring about universal equality, but universal strife. Standing in their way is Dr. Michael Savage. ″The Savage Nation″ will have none of what Alinsky, Obama and Hillary have to offer. ″Borders, Language and Culture″ are the top of the Savage agenda. God keep the Foundation!

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