The FBI could not find them, but Judicial Watch did locate more emails, showing interaction between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. One email, in particular, shows a potential ′pay for play′ action, where a wealthy donor was to receive special access to an ambassador. Judicial Watch obtained about two dozen emails through a Freedom of Information Act request, receiving some 300 pages worth, mostly from Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. Another email with the subject title of ″A Favor″ is a request to the State Department to consider hiring a person with ties to the Clinton Global Initiative. These emails were not part of the batch Hillary Clinton turned over after leaving the State Department, as they were from her aides, who apparently did turn over most, if not all, of their emails. So why did the FBI miss them?

′The Fix′ was in from the very beginning of the FBI investigation into the use by Hillary Clinton of a private email server. At least one of the new emails was forwarded by Hillary herself, but some how did not make the cut as being considered work-related. It had apparently been deleted along with those Hillary emails about her daughter′s wedding and yoga classes.

The most disturbing part of this latest batch that even some Democrats are concerned about is they show that there was interaction between the Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation, despite an agreement not to have such. The Barack Obama administration insisted that Hillary Clinton not interact with her family′s charity organization, even to the point of a drafted letter to be signed. However, we now learn that Cheryl Mills, Hillary′s Chief of Staff, signed the document for her, scrawling Hillary′s name herself. Deniable? Hardly!

What amuses me the most is how Democrats are still defending Hillary after she appears to have betrayed Barack Obama. You would think that those in Camp Obama would cut her loose? If any major political party needs to dump their nominee, it is the Democrats. They can easily replace Hillary with Joe Biden at this point and still have a shot at winning. But, they made their bed with Hillary who has infected it with her own brand of bedbugs.

The impact on the voting public could be disastrous. While the nuances of national security, classified material, and computer systems may be hard to explain to the general public, graft and corruption is very easy. People understand the concept of politicians getting money for doing favors. Then we have the potential scandal of a cover up, which stains not only Hillary Clinton, but Barack Obama as well. Why did the FBI miss this angle of getting emails from Hillary′s staff while Judicial Watch succeeded? Somebody from either the White House or an appointee in the Justice Department had to block such an obviously simple piece of detective work.

The Democrats are in big trouble over this one. The Clinton Foundation emails with the State Department obtained by a FOIA request from Judicial Watch show a potential ′pay for play′ scheme. Special favors and access were obtained from the State Department for donors and others with ties to the Clinton Global Initiative. Hillary Clinton had promised not to interact with her family′s charity organization. But her office did interact, including by those who were part of her inner circle, like Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills.

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