I tell you, it will be a real toss up for the title of ′2016 Dumbest Cuck′ award! MSNBC′s Joe Scarborough is now officially in the running. Host of ″Morning Joe″, or, as I like to call it, ″Morning Schmoe″, Scarborough is now voicing his opinion that the GOP ′must dump Trump′. That is about as crazy an idea as these other GOP Cuckservatives who are floating around the idea of the Republican Party just conceding the election to Hillary Rotten Clinton in exchange for a Cuck on the Supreme Court. As if Crooked Hillary could be trusted. As if the GOP could actually concede an election without a vote by the general public! These Cucks are just plain crazy!!!

WTF!!! What sort of drugs are these guys taking? And they think Donald Trump is a madman! So why is Schmoe Scarborough bashing Trump now? Seems that its over the nuclear option. That is right, Dimitri, I am talking about ′The Bomb′! The Hydrogen Bomb! Scarborough a little ″funny in the head″, and thinks that an American president should not have the authority to use nuclear weapons if necessary. Something which has been the case since during WW2. But now, just because Donald Trump might be our next president, we have to reconsider that. Apparently, Scarborough has no problem with giving Hillary Rotten Clinton the authority to use nukes, even though she has the blood of millions on her hands already. Yep, about 4 million in the Congo, an easy million or so in Darfur, at least 400,000 in Syria, and who knows how many others in Libya, Egypt, etc.

While Scarborough′s girlfriend and co-host, Mika Brzezinski, might not understand that there are conditions when the use of nuclear weapons may be necessary, her daddy, Zbigniew Brzezinski, does! So what if 50 Neo-Cons oppose Donald Trump, questioning his having nuclear authority? These 50 swells are the reason the world is so screwed up these days.

For starters, Donald Trump was actually consistent with long-standing U.S. nuclear policy when he answered the question about their use. There may be situations when you have no choice but to pull the trigger. If there is a clear, immediate threat to the United States or our allies which can only be prevented by the use of a nuclear weapon, then what else can you do? Editor of ″Strategic Intelligence″, James Rickards, gave a very good example of a hypothetical threat of a biological attack from Iran. Say they are creating a virus which could kill 50 million Americans in a laboratory buried so deep that conventional weapons could not penetrate it. What do you do? Let Iran kill 50 million Americans? Or nuke the lab ahead of time? Take your pick.

The days when we just had to worry about Russia or China have long passed. Back in the ′Cold War′, we were ready to use smaller, tactical nukes, to take out hordes of Soviet tanks pouring into West Germany through ′The Fulda Gap′. More recently, it is common knowledge that during Gulf War I, we secretly threatened Saddam Hussein, letting him know ahead of time that if he used his massive stockpile of chemical weapons when we ejected his troops from Kuwait, we would have used tactical nukes on the damns near Mosul, flooding the entire dual river basins of the Tigris and Euphrates. We probably would have killed a couple million Iraqis, easily. Guess what? Saddam never used his chemical weapons against us.

Joe Scarborough is just another namby-pamby Cuckservative who knows as much about real geo-politics, as Harry Truman would say, ″as a pig knows about Sundays″. Bless his heart, he is just out ratings and relevance. Scarborough got caught in his own web, talking up Donald Trump during the primaries and now trying his best to trash Trump so Hillary Clinton can win. Face facts. Schmoe, if Trump had been elected in 2000, we would not have invaded Iraq. So can Donald Trump be trusted with nuclear weapons authority? He sure can! Much more so than Hillary Clinton, who has her hands stained with the blood of millions already. She is the Queen of Bad Judgment!

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