Hillary Rodham Clinton is a liar when she pretends to care about issues concerning women. She lies when she pretends to care about children, or anybody else, too! Hillary Clinton is little more than a thief. A corrupt politician looking for news ways to obtain graft. She, and her husband Bill Clinton, want to be billionaires. Currently, they are only worth about $100 Million, though I suspect much more is tucked away in off shore banks. Bill and Hillary Clinton have only one principle in life, that of Fred C. Dobbs…, ″I need dough and plenty of it!″

During Bill′s terms in the White House, the Clintons were still rank amateurs, operating as they did in Arkansas with their penny-ante schemes. Such as firing the White House travel bureau staff and contracting out the work to friends. Renting out the Lincoln bedroom for $10,000 a night, or $5,000 to have a cup of coffee and doughnut with them. Not until after they left the White House did the Clintons start making serious money, selling influence and doing favors to donors to their ′charity′. There is a news item this morning that Judicial Watch has uncovered hundreds of emails from Hillary Clinton and her staff concerning coordinating actions in the State Department with the Clinton Foundation and its donors. One email shows Hillary, while Secretary of State, directly ordering Huma Abedin to assist in a matter involving a donor.

So why do I say that Hillary Clinton is bad for women? Yesterday, I was channel surfing at 6pm EDT, looking for something better to watch than Fox News. They pissed me off earlier after not carrying a Donald Trump speech live as promised. So I was going through the menu of Comcast when I came across a show called ″Woman″ on Viceland, or Vice TV. Now, normally, I do not watch Vice, as about 95% of their programming is about how terrible White, Ethnic-European Men in America are dumb, stupid or evil. But, every now and then even this ultra-Liberal channel carries a story about how awful the Third World is.

Such was the case of the two, half-hour long episodes of ″Woman″ that I watched. The documentary series is produced by none other than Gloria Steinem, the iconic feminist-journalist. The first episode I watched was the series premiere, dealing with the mass rapes occurring in the ′Democratic Republic′ of Congo. In eastern DRC, there is an ongoing war between the government and various outlaw groups over mines for the mineral cassiterite, tin oxide, which is the most valuable mineral in the world. Cassiterite is used for making smart phones, tablets and other electronic devices. A vital resource for digital billionaires like Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Jeff Bazos and Mark Zuckerburg to maintain their monopolies, protected by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

As men and boys from the Congo are forced to join the various military factions, much of the mining is done by women. When armed rebel-bandits raid a mine, they use rape as a weapon against the women. Over the past 8 years, some 4 million people have been killed fighting over these mines and the cassiterite. Think about that, for just a moment. We often hear about the 400,000 whom have been killed in Syria thanks to the failed policies of Obama and Clinton, but when does our Media talk about the Congo?

But it is not just bandits and terrorists raping women in the eastern DRC, the government′s own troops also rape women. During a recent offensive, DRC troops entered the city of Menova and hundred of women were raped. Many were very young girls, who died from brutal rapes which penetrated their abdomens, casing internal hemorrhaging. After a 6-month ′show-trial′, only two junior officers were convicted of ordering the rapes. The reporter dispatched by Steinem could not determine if those two officers were even in prison. Where is Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Lena Dunham, Meryl Streep, Katy Perry and George Clooney voicing outrage over this? Probably the same place they were when nearly a million Rwandans were slaughtered while Bill Clinton was president and did nothing, said nothing.

The second episode I watched dealt with the ′femicide′ which is ongoing in El Salvador. Yes, femicide, the killing of women simply because they are women. Seems that this is related to the whole machismo thing in Latino culture. El Salvador is yet another Third World hell-hole which has descended into chaos during the Obama-Clinton years. A murder takes place nearly every hour as rival drug gangs and the government shoot it out on the dirt-road streets. In 2015, El Salvador lead the world in murders, jumping up some 70% from the year before to an average of 104 murders for every 100,000 people. Women are often the targets of these murders. Not just from rival drug gangs but also from boyfriends and husbands.

Steinem′s reporter covering the story interviewed a group of men at a cafe in San Salvador, the nation′s capitol. The eight or so men all agreed that the reason they beat and mistreat their women is because they grew up with it. Their fathers beat and abused their mothers. One young man pulled out a wad of cash and bragged about how he makes his mother have sex with him when she needs his money. Scenes of police finding bodies of dead women along the sides of roads is a daily routine in El Salvador.

Yet, it is from places like El Salvador, the Congo, Syria, Libya and other hell-holes where Obama and Hillary Clinton want more immigrants to come from. Bringing their culture of violence and death with them to America. Hillary Clinton, nor any of her allies in the entertainment world, are talking about these issues. Nor are they, nor the American Media, talking about the increase of gang rapes on women in India as the country is awash in a growing trend of rape porn. I read about that from a link on Drudge Report to a British news site.

No, Liberal Democrats do not really care about women. Their agenda is to import as many young men from such Third World hell-holes as possible and relocate them in Republican held Congressional districts to change the demographics in their favor. If this goes on, one day we will wake up and find America living under Sha′ria Law, where honor killings, vaginal mutilations and the general submission of women is the law of the land. In places like Minnesota, where there is a large population from Somalia, Sha′ria is already being allowed as part of the state′s banking laws. Now, we have a pending case in the federal courts in Atlanta as a former airline stewardess sues because she was forced to serve alcohol to the infidel passengers.

This is the world, the America, you will get if Hillary Rodham Clinton is elected. Sure, high-flying digital billionaires will make money and be protected by Hillary as women are raped and killed to line their pockets with cassiterite. As Latino men, even boys, sporting gang tattoos, are allowed in to our country to change our demographics in favor of the Democratic Party. We certainly do not hear Hillary Clinton addressing these ills around the world. Nor from her friends like Mika Bryzenski or Wolf Blitzer. No, all you will hear from them is how bad White Ethnic-European Men in America are so bad because they believe in God, Guns, Law and Order. We can′t have any of that, now can we? Liberals would prefer that we be Godless, Helpless and living in Fear and Crime. Hillary Clinton is bad for women, children and everybody else.

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