The NBC affiliate in West Palm Beach, Florida, WPTV Channel 5, has an amusing story that caught the eye of the Drudge Report. Hillary Clinton appeared in Kissemmee yesterday and sitting behind her in the stands was none other than Seddique Mateen. He is the father of the Orlando nightclub shooter, Omar Mateen. Seddique, who supports the Taliban, thinks gays are condemned by Allah and often dresses up like Saddam Hussein, apparently has endorsed Hillary Clinton! He even spoke to a Channel 5 reporter, Tory Dunnan, who recognized him. He was among the 3,000 people who attended the Clinton campaign rally. When asked about his presence, the Clinton campaign stated that they were unaware Seddique was there, that he was not an invited guest, just part of the public.

Hillary Clinton endorsed by father of terrorist

This item follows another piece of news from yesterday that the parents of Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods have filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton over the deaths of their sons. The lawsuit charges Hillary with negligence in causing their deaths, as well as with defamation over her statements in public that the families are lying about her comments to them about what happened in Benghazi.

So why am I writing about a father of an ISIS terrorist endorsing Hillary Clinton? Well, for starters, what else should I be writing about? Donald Trump′s speech in Detroit about economics? Lets face it, anybody who thinks Hillary is better than Trump on improving our economy is either crazy or just plain stupid. Trump wants to get the iron boot currently choking the throat of our nation′s businesses, especially small businesses. Any relief from that, be it tax cuts or reducing needless regulations, would be a blessing.

Of course, I was tempted to write today about how scientists think that there may be an alien megastructure built around a star some 1,500 light years away. The Kepler Infrared Telescope satellite discovered a planet that is within then the ′Green Zone′ or ′Goldilocks Zone′ which is Earth-like in size. But some scientists are baffled by signs of something else orbiting that same star. A few are now saying that it could be signs of a Dyson Sphere being under construction. ″Star Trek″ fans will know what I′m talking about! For the rest of you, a Dyson Sphere is a mega-structure built around a star to serve as home for potentially trillions of people. Alien people, but people none the less. A pretty cool idea!

But, no, I′m writing about how Hillary Clinton is being endorsed by the father of a terrorist, who shares some of his terrorist son′s views. Some might say that it was Seddique, the father, who radicalized Omar Mateen into becoming a terrorist for the Islamic State. Why I am writing about this is simple, PAYBACK! Media payback, at that! Every time some goofball endorses Donald Trump, The Media blows it all out of proportion. Such as when David Duke endorsed Trump. When Trump was asked about it, his initial response was to reject it immediately. But, for the next several days, other ′journ-o-lists′ kept asking him about it, just to make a phony story out of it to trash Trump.

So, I say, let us do the same thing with Hillary Rodham Clinton! Whenever some goofball endorses her, let us make a big deal out it. Whether it is some nut like Seddique Mateen, who supports the Taliban and thinks that Allah approves of murdering homosexuals, or some Commie who wants to confiscate everyone′s wealth or guns or such. Doesn′t matter who or why, anything to tag Hillary with guilt by semi-association. For no other reason than to just annoy Liberals and give them a taste of their own medicine. Yes, its not much of a story, but it is enough to merit a chuckle or two.

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