Ever since her fall in 2013, where she was diagnosed having a blood clot, questions of Hillary Clinton and her health issues have been around. A new photo taken by a Reuters photographer shows that she may not be very well at all. The photo below shows her needing help to traverse a few stairs. All through that 2016 campaign, Clinton is often absent for days, sometimes only making a personal appearance in public once a week. Donald Trump has often remarked on this, saying that she lacks the stamina to be president. Her rambling, confusing answer on Friday at a fake press conference, where Hillary said her brain ″short circuited″ while interviewed by Chris Wallace of Fox News, may be another indicator that she is unfit to serve in the White House.

Hillary Clinton Health Issues

After all, Hillary Clinton is 68 years old. She is a tad overweight and her falling down in 2013 is not the only incidence of her having stability problems. Her walking down stairs while exiting Air Force One a few weeks ago with Barack Obama in North Carolina was wobbly. The frequent breaks during the campaign may indicate that she is tired or even experiencing pain regularly.

Of course, we have to question the mental health of Hillary Rodham Clinton, along with her physical health. The continuous stream of lies and denials, despite hard evidence to the contrary, is not a good thing. She seems to have no grip on reality. During the fake press conference on Friday, she even mistakenly referred to Donald Trump as her husband at one point. The lack of sound judgment over her use of a private email server not only endangered national security, but revelations today show that it may have cost the life of an Iranian scientist who had been supplying us with details on Iran′s nuclear program.

Can Hillary Rodham Clinton be trusted to be president? Obviously not! Even if you do not believe allegations of her being engaged in influence peddling, selling favors and even special privileges to those who donate money to the Clinton charity group, or pay her husband and daughter exorbitant fees for speeches, there is definitely something slimy about her actions. Shortly after Obama appointed her as Secretary of State, Bill Clinton′s speaking fees suddenly doubled, even quadrupled, sometimes to a million dollars for speeches given to foreign companies and governments.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has overstayed her welcome in American politics. After over 20 years, she and her husband have tainted nearly ever major institution they have had contact with. They already demeaned the White House itself once, if not many times back in the 1990s with sexual affairs, stockpiling FBI files, charging money for sleepovers and coffee meets. Even their exit from the White House was tainted with vandalism and theft. No, we don′t need another four years of them in the White House again. Hillary Clinton has many health issues, both physical and mental. Worse than that, she and Bill have serious ethical problems as well. They simply cannot be trusted.

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