Last night in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Donald J. Trump officially endorsed Speaker Paul Ryan, as well as Senators John McCain and Kelly Ayotte for their reelection bids. This move follows several days of angst with Republican elites and GOP Insiders. During an interview earlier this week, Trump was asked about endorsing Paul Ryan, to which he ′plagiarized′ Ryan′s own semi-non-endorsement of Trump. A cute move but one that only gave The Media another thing to trash talk Trump about. Even the so-called ′Conservative′ media was all up in arms about it. Alleged rumors of intervention and even of Trump being forced out as the presidential candidate under obscure GOP rules was all the talk. So why did Trump put himself into this position?

Probably the best answer came from the blogger ′Hateful Heretic′ at the ′Alt-Right′ website, RadixJournal. Hateful wrote about how ′The Right′, meaning the ′Cuckservatives′, all got played and rolled by the Democrats and The Media over the Khizr Khan story. Khan, a Sha′ria Law scholar and immigration attorney, was the perfect foil for attacking ′Conservatives′ since he was a ′Gold Star′ parent. Mind you, all you have to be to become a Gold Star parent is to have a child of your loins get killed while in a combat zone. Even if your son or daughter died from a venereal disease or got run over by a truck by accident. The facts that Khan advocates replacing the Constitution with Sha′ria Law or made big money auctioning off visas obtained from the State Department under Hillary Rodham Clinton to Muslims is lost in the sauce. Even his ties to the Clinton Foundation were completely ignored for several days. The Liberal Media is still ignoring Khan′s background!

This is where Trump made his mistake. He knows what Liberal Democrats are all about, since he′s had plenty of experience in dealing with them on Manhattan Island, so he counter-punched. What Trump does not have experience with is dealing with Conservatives. There are not too many of them around, even on the Upper East Side, where most residents are knocking down 7-figure salaries. The Khan-con targeted Conservative sympathies. In particular the whole patriotic ′click-whirr′. What am I talking about?

I am talking about conditioned responses. Brainwashing if you prefer, but on a very subtle level. Any salesman knows that a potential client′s first response will be negative. That they do not want to spend any money. So you have to overcome their objection with a click-wirr. Some trigger word, idea or emotion to make the inner machinery of the mind react the way you want it to. Psychologist Robert Cialdini′s book, ″Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion″, details the mechanics of this technique. We are all brainwashed to some extent, or at a primal level, conditioned via evolution. We react instinctively to a wide variety of stimuli. Face facts, it is no accident that modern advertising was conceived of by Edward Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud. The human mind is basically a machine, parts of which can be turned on or off by pushing the correct button.

Donald Trump′s lack of experience with Conservatives is part of the reason why they are not fond of him. Then we have the ′problem′ that Trump is rational. He can smell a rat a mile away, even if the rat is soaking in some sort of holy water. Obviously, anyone who gives a speech at the DNC convention is a lying rat! Trump recognized that fact and gave it its due treatment. But the Cuckservatives are irrational creatures. In their view, anyone who holds up a Constitution and waves it around must be good on some level. Add the whole Gold Star thing and that click-wirrs the Cuck′s brain into a sympathetic mode. Khan is no longer a Liberal con artist but someone to be pitied and defended. The old, ″White Knight′ reaction.

Oh yeah, I′m bracing for a new round of attacks by both Liberals and ′Conservatives′. But like Donald Trump, I am rational. Too much Ayn Rand is tucked away inside my brain. She knew that the Conservatives were even worse than Socialists. Which is why, like her, I call myself a Capitalist as far as politics go. I could be more specific, such as saying I am a Voluntaryist, but I suspect that few people have read, if even heard of, Carl Wagner. Capitalist is generic enough, as well as still irritating to the Liberal-Progressive-Socialists out there. I am pragmatic enough to understand that Trump had to endorse Paul Ryan, John McCain and Kelly Ayotte, even though they are all dolts. The Republican Party is a Big Tent and we can afford to have a corner for the dull and stupid, too!

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