There was little talk of the Zika virus during the Rio Olympics opening last night on NBC. In truth, the NBC hosts, like Matt Lauer, were more inclined to talk about themselves. Boring! Not that I care much. But if you enjoy sports like shooting, archery, and fencing, then the schedule at NBCSP, their sports offshoot channel, has a good line up. Otherwise, I would suggest watching the 2016 Olympics on the CBC out of Canada. They did much better job airing the Olympic opening ceremony than NBC, and they were live, too! NBC′s coverage was tape delayed by almost an hour.

Ah, Rio de Janiero! Cococabana Beach is the place where you can soak up the Sun, enjoy being bitten by Zika virus mosquitoes, and watch body parts wash up along the shore line. The runway walk by Gisele Bundchen proves that Brazil′s main exports are swim wear models and black-market organs for transplants. Beyond that, Brazil is a train wreck! There political system is nearly as corrupt as ours is, but is managed even worse. Thus, their president is going through an impeachment process, while we still allow Barack Obama to lie everyday about the state of America.

No, why bother getting into the $400 Million dollar ransom issue again? We know Obama broke federal laws in doing it. Even when Donald Trump mistakenly said he saw the plane being unloaded, turns out there really is video of the cash being taken off the painted-over military cargo plane. I′m not a billionaire, but even I know what $400 Million in cash looks like! Heck, anyone who watched ″Breaking Bad″ knows it takes at least seven 55-gallon drums to hold $90 Million dollars. Do the math! The doors on the corporate jet simply are not wide enough for handling a 4′x4′ wooden pallet.

The 2016 Olympics opening ceremony was just dreadful. It lacked the spectacle of the Beijing Games, as well as the fetish references of the London Games. Most of the costumes worn by participants in Rio looked like Dr. Suess meets Dora the Explorer. They should have followed the parade of athletes with the Cat in the Hat driving his thingamajiggy vacuum cleaner. Naturally, I was disgusted with the whole global warming spin, including having athletes carrying seeds to be planted. I was disappointed that Gisele Bundchen changed her ′mind′ and decided that doing some skit where she gets mugged, and then protects the mugger from the big, bad police, was dropped.

So, if you are like me and enjoy useful sports like shooting, archery and fencing, there will be plenty to watch on NBCSP. If you prefer water sports, like rowing and sailing, the CBC will be your best bet as far as Olympics TV schedules go. Bravo TV will air a lot of tennis this week. NBC′s coverage will be as contrived and lackluster as was their programming last night. So start spraying the insect repellant so you can avoid the Zika virus. The next 17 days will be fun in the Sun, if you get past those body parts washing up along the shore line. Not to mention the smell of Brazil′s stinky politics and massive slums.

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