If you watch the news the past week, even Fox News, you would think that Hillary Rodham Clinton has already won the election. Polls show her now leading Donald Trump, people are questioning his competency, his character, his campaign strategy. Fox News reported that the Trump campaign is in disarray and an intervention is coming. But if things were so bad, then why did Don Jr., and Eric Trump go hunting in Alaska? Do you really think they would abandon their father in a time of need? Of course not! If Donald Trump is crazy, he′s crazy like a fox! He knows that for the next few weeks, the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (which I like calling the Zika Olympics), will be dominating the attention of the public. All of the controversy The Media has been drum-beating the past 2 weeks will be forgotten and lost in the sauce.

I′ve been following politics pretty much all of my life. Way back in 1964, I was 4-years old and when my mom took me to a store, I would be running up and down the aisles shouting, ″All the way with LBJ!″ After watching Detroit burn in 1967, I broke with my parents, both staunch Democrats, and joined Richard Nixon′s ′Silent Majority′ in 1968. Even at 8-years old, I figured that the Democratic Party was bad for America! That Liberal-Progressive thinking would lead to our doom.

So, I have to say that I have never seen anything like this election cycle before. The volume and nature of the lies pouring out from the Democratic Party and their allies in The Media is astounding. You might have to go back to the early 1800s for the same level of vitriol, when candidates were accused of some pretty nasty stuff. This whole line about how Donald Trump is a racist or a misogynist is unbelievable. Anyone who has watched ″The Apprentice″ knows that Donald Trump is probably one of the most charitable, and fairest corporate executives around. Just in the past ten years, Trump has raised over $200 Million dollars for charity, and a large chunk of that coming out of his own pocket. When he first started his developing enterprise, he broke the mold and shattered barriers by hiring and appointing women to top management positions, often paying them more than men earned in the same jobs.

But, now Donald Trump is running for president as a Republican, so that, by itself, makes him a bad person in the eyes and mind of Democrats and so-called journalists. The fact that he chose to self-fund his campaign during the initial start of the primaries and attacked other Republicans as being puppets for Super-PACs made him a pariah to the GOP Establishment. Donald Trump has ticked off the entire Ruling Class of America and they are scared to death of him!

What we are watching is fear in full play. Donald Trump just doesn′t have a campaign, he has a movement! Literally a crusade for honest government. His supporters are largely drawn to him because they are sick and tired of the lies the professional politicians and ′news readers′ tell every single day. Back in 1964, when the same sort of situation occurred against Barry Goldwater, where the Democrats, Media and GOP Establishment (including George Romney, Mitts′ daddy) all attacked Goldwater, they got away with destroying him. Mostly because in 1964, the majority of Americans still trusted all of our political and social institutions. But this is not 1964, folks.

Nope! The average American has lost faith in our major institutions. They don′t trust the government. They don′t believe The Media. Even our education system and churches are losing ground fast. A large portion of Trump supporters are people who either have never voted before, or haven′t voted in many years. He has tapped into the angst of about half of the population. Take, for example, this whole notion that Hispanics will never vote for Trump because he wants to build a wall along our southern border and enforce our immigration laws. Just two days ago, in Tampa, Florida, an Army veteran, Ricardo Garcia, was attacked outside a Trump rally because he was wearing a ′Make America Great Again′ cap. Ricardo Garcia? Doesn′t sound Irish to me! And a veteran, too, even though The Media tells us that veterans are mad at Trump because of the whole Khan-con thing and not endorsing John McCain. Yeah, right!

Does Donald Trump have a tough, steep road ahead of him to win the White House? Yep! No doubt about it! But, so too does Hillary Rodham Clinton. Nobody likes her, either! She has been a wrecking ball to the Democratic Party with all of her lies and corruption. Trump is a wrecking ball, too, but his problem is that he is too honest, too blunt! Clint Eastwood summed it up best, and, unfortunately for decorum and good taste, I can′t repeat it here. Just prior to the RNC convention, I told an acquaintance that for his acceptance speech, Trump should ′plagiarize′ the speech by Gary from the end of the movie, ″Team America: World Police″. He should just come out and say, ″Yeah, I′m a d*ck and Alec Baldwin is a p*ssy. P*ssies hate d*cks because they get f′d by them. But there are also @ssholes in the world, and d*cks f them, too. Otherwise, the @ssholes would sh*t on everyone.″

Oops! So much for decorum and good taste. Oh, well. But you get the idea. Donald Trump is leading a genuine movement, much as Barry Goldwater did, because he is telling the truth, for better or worse. Goldwater′s campaign brought about a Conservative movement, which is still trying to prove its worth. The story is still out on what Trump′s movement will bring about? I would like to think that it will be a Nationalist movement. If he succeeds in lighting a fire in the bellies of the nearly 50% who never vote at all, even if he just gets a small slice of that group, Trump could walk away with a huge victory in November. Robert Costa of the Washington Post told Charlie Rose as much the other night.

My advice to Donald Trump supporters, as well as those who are just on board to stop Hillary Rodham Clinton from winning, is do not panic. Stay calm. Relax. Have an ice cream cone, or some fried calamari. Make some meatballs. For the next few weeks, just ignore the political news. Watch the Zika Olympics, as most will be doing, and forget about politics until after Labor Day. You know as well as I do that the real fun begins with the debates. That is when people who are somehow still undecided or wavering will make up their minds. The polls and pundits have been all wrong so far in 2016. Candidates who were suppose to win, lost. Hillary was suppose to just breeze her way through without any competition. My gut tells me that Donald Trump is going to clobber her, despite the best efforts by The Media. That he will win, he will build The Wall, get Mexico to pay for it, and ′Make America Great Again′!

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