The Mob has spoken, again! Donald J. Trump blew away Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Bravo-TV poll held last night during ″Watch What Happens Live″, hosted by Andy Cohen. Last month, before the conventions, Trump beat Crooked Hillary 65% to 35%, surprising Cohen, who said that the viewer call-in poll had its largest turn out in the show′s history. He promised to repeat the poll at the beginning of each month. The results from last night was Donald Trump winning with 62%. Hillary Clinton got 38%, so, I suppose, one could say she got a three-point ′bump′. I′ll bet that even the two ′New York Housewives′ guests, Dorinda Medley and Jules Wainstein, were just as shocked as Andy Cohen was. Once again, we have a stunning indicator that the entertainment world′s hippest demographic are big on Trump! This may be more stunning than even RHONY Bethenny Frankel′s bombshell about Luann de Lesseps′ engagement!

Sure, the poll was unscientific. But it is ′Vox Populi′! The Voice of the People! Not some over-crafted, ultra-clever, rigged endeavor to obtained a desired result. Reuters recently changed their polling method, eliminating ′None of the Above′, just to give Hillary an edge. The Bravo-TV poll was raw, uncensored and beyond corruption. While I have no proof, I have to assume that since Bravo-TV is a property of NBC-Universal, that they must have tipped off the Clinton campaign so they could stack the deck with robo-callers. If they did, it was not enough to make a dramatic difference.

Even when you look at some of the latest polls by the so-called Media, while Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump, he creams her on several key voter issues. Let us take the new Fox News poll, for example, where Clinton is ahead 49% to Trump′s 39%. He waxes the floor with her on issues like jobs and the economy, as well as with national security and defeating ISIS. Even in that poll, they both are tied when it comes to dishonesty and a lack of trustworthiness.

The American People are fed up! They are not buying the lies of the Barack Obama administration that everything is A-Okay. Trump is absolutely correct when he says that Obama is the worst president in the history of the United States. Just look at the facts! His term in office has an average GDP growth rate below 2% per year. Fewer people are working as a percentage of population than since the Jimmy Carter Era. Obama is the first president in US history to not deliver an annual budget every year. In the past 7 years, he′s only managed to get two budgets passed! Every other president, even George W. Bush, delivered one every year!

No, Obama is an incompetent buffoon who was only elected because he appealed to Mass Media. He accomplished nothing as a US Senator, nor even in the Illinois State Senate. But he did get his picture on the cover of People Magazine shirtless, running along a beach in his swim shorts. Obama danced with Ellen and did the late night comedy circuit with Jay Leno and David Letterman. Since then, Obama has even appeared with You-Tube ′celebrities′ who bathe in milk and Fruit Loops.

This is what is driving the Democrats and The Media crazy, because now they are up against a Republican candidate who can beat them at their own game. Donald Trump is the king of self-promotion. His media savvy is superior to that of any other GOP presidential candidate. Trump knows that the presidency has not been about issues and policies for many years. It is a popularity contest! Ever since the Nixon-Kennedy debates, it is not what you know but how you look. Let us face facts, Hillary Clinton looks dreadful! Her voice is irritating. Her fashion choices would make Tim Gunn cringe!

Yes, the new Bravo-TV poll, showing Donald Trump beating Hillary Rodham Clinton 62% to 38% is a good take on the pulse of America. Particularly a younger, hipper demographic as well, dispelling the notion that Trump only appeals to old, White, uneducated males. I doubt if many Hillbillies in West Virginia were tuned in to watch ′New York Housewives′ Dorinda Medley and Jules Wainstein on ″Watch What Happens Live″, hosted by the flamboyant Andy Cohen. Nope, that audience is mainly young and middle-aged women along with gay men. For the second straight month, Trump blew away Crooked Hillary. Andy Cohen admitted that he guesses that his viewers are on Trump Train. Cohen was shocked again by the poll results. The People have spoken and they want Donald J. Trump!

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