Barely a dozen hours after Barack Obama talked about Donald Trump being unfit to be president, the Wall Street Journal uncovers a bombshell. Back on January 17, the Obama administration paid a $400 million dollar ransom to Iran for the release of four American hostages. An unmarked cargo plane left from Geneva and flew $400 Million in Swiss Francs, Euros and other currencies, in cash, shrink-wrapped and on wood pallets, to Tehran. The plane departed under the cover of darkness, the very same night that our hostages were released. The Iranian press described the payment as a ransom. The White House and U.S. State Department claim it was an initial installment of a settlement of a $1.7 Billion dollar arms deal never fulfilled from 1979. Who do you believe? Why was the payment kept secret, hidden from Congress and the American people?

The secrecy is the crux of it. If this were truly just a first installment over a settlement from a World Court case from The Hague, then why keep it a secret? Why did we have to wait nearly 7 months to find out about it? Were there any plans to tell the American people? Perhaps after the elections? It was public knowledge that the court ruled in favor of Iran and that we owed them the $1.7 Billion. Why send it in cash? Why not just an electronic bank transfer? Surely there are banks in the world still doing business with Iran. Why was the cash delivered the same night as the release of the hostages?

No, this was a ransom payment. Barack Obama, yet again, has shown why he is the worst president in U.S. history. He is a sneaky liar! A weak, sneaky liar at that! Donald Trump has been attacking Obama for the Iran deal all along, and now we have more reason to understand why. The Obama administration has been saying that this cash transfer was separate from the nuke deal. That the $1.7 billion over the old arms deal was handled separately, by a different team of negotiators. But the announcement of the hostage release and of the nuke deal agreement did both come on the very same day. Coincidence? Just ′one-of-THOSE-things′?

Hardly! We are being lied to, again, by Barack Obama. It wasn′t the first time and it won′t be the last time. He′ll keep right on lying until he leaves office, then he′ll lie about other stuff. You can bet that Obama will write a book full of lies about his days in the White House. This is part of the New Normal in the Age of Obama. I′m not even going to bother complaining about how Iran has probably been using that cash for spreading more terrorism or funding its nuclear program. We know they are! If Obama, or John Kerry or Hillary Rodham Clinton says they are not using that cash for terrorism and nukes, just assume that they are lying. They lie about everything else. What is the Mainstream Media talking about this morning? Those liars are saying Donald Trump is a crazy, mad man. Most of them are completely ignoring this story. And ′The Media′ wonders why the public has lost trust in them, just as they have with Crooked Hillary.

A few years ago, I wrote about the ′Truth Movement′ which started up in France about a decade before the French Revolution. When Jacques Necker published the first public accounting of the French Treasury and the people learned just how deep in debt they were. It took about 9 years for the red ink to set in and launch the French Revolution. As Professor Eugene Weber said, during the opening of an episode of his old PBS TV series, ″It started with heads held high. It ended with heads cut off. The French Revolution, tonight on ′The Western Tradition′!″ Obama and the rest are acting so foolishly that they are going to destroy this country from within. The only candidate running who might, MIGHT, stop this madness is Donald J. Trump!

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