Yesterday, Hillary Rodham Clinton made her first appearance on Fox News Sunday, hosted by Chris Wallace, in some five years. The ′take away′ from that interview is that Hillary Clinton is still telling lies about the Benghazi attacks and about her use of a private email server. She is completely oblivious to the fact that she caused the deaths of 4 Americans in Libya and endangered our national security by her reckless behavior. Even the Washington Post awarded her with 4 Pinocchios for her appearance yesterday. Like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton lies so much that she no longer even knows what the truth is.

Naturally, ′The Media′ is more focused on Donald Trump and his latest remarks about Vladimir Putin and the Khan family, who lost a son in Iraq. On MSNBC′s ″Morning Joe″, the first 22 minutes were spent attacking Trump on his interview by George Stephanopolous on ″This Week″, aired Sunday by ABC News. Barely 5 minutes were spent on the Hillary Clinton interview. Now, the Trump-Putin thing was just a joke, a bit of sarcasm, which The Media blew totally out of proportion. Why is nobody asking questions about the Clinton ties to Russia? Even her campaign manager, John Podesta, had business dealings with the Russian government earning him millions, according to Breitbart News. In the case of the Khan family, Trump walked into a minefield, well placed by the Democratic Party. Another reminder that Trump is not a professional politician, skilled in the art of half-truths and subterfuge.

We′ve seen this before when Democrats paraded out several families of victims from the 9/11 attacks who blamed the Bush administration for the deaths of their loved ones. Now, some may say that the RNC did the same thing when Patricia Smith, the mother of Sean Smith, who was killed in the Benghazi attack, blamed Hillary Clinton directly for her son′s death. Of course, the big difference here is that Donald Trump had absolutely nothing to do with the death of Captain Khan, whereas Hillary Clinton does bear some responsibility for not adequately protecting her people in Libya. To top it off, Crooked Hillary lied directly to Patricia Smith following the ceremony at Dover Air Base when the bodies were brought home. Both Smith and Capt. Khan were killed by radical, Islamic extremists. But in Smith′s case, he told his mother the day before during their last telephone conversation that he knew he was going to die because security was so poor.

This morning I learned from ″Fox & Friends″ host, Brian Kilmeade that the other networks did not carry the Patricia Smith speech. I watched it on C-SPAN, but, apparently Fox News was the only other network to air it live. The broadcast networks did not start their coverage until much later. CNN and MSNBC aired panel discussions with their pundits during the speech. Once again, we have blatant censorship practiced by The Media in order to further their agendas of slanting the news in favor of Hillary Clinton. During the DNC convention, all of the networks, including Fox News, showed the speech by the Khan family.

It is bad enough that Hillary Rodham Clinton lies all of the time, but what makes this even worse is how The Media plays down her lies while turning everything Donald Trump says into some heinous crime. My advice to Mr. Trump is to stop doing these taped, one-on-one interviews. Stay off the Sunday shows! Send out the surrogates, that′s what you pay them for. There are only 98 days left in this race for the White House and you need to focus on campaigning and the debates. When you are not giving speeches to large crowds, practice debating. Hire Ann Coulter to play Hillary. Ann knows how to the enemy thinks. Cool it on the Twitter, too!

Mr. Trump, you need to run a flawless campaign from this point forward. I′ve been behind you from Day One and I′ll do my part to help you win. I can attack Crooked Hillary in my sleep. She′s easy to smear because she is such a liar! But give me a break already! As I′ve said before, your campaign is like one of those old 15-Chapter serials where the hero is always getting captured by the bad guys and tied to a buzz-saw or dangled over a vat of acid. In the movies, the hero always escapes at the last moment. But this is real life now. The life of our nation is at stake. I′ll do my bit to deliver 40 megatons on the target and hopefully, with the purity of our natural fluids, we shall prevail! The Media and the entire Democratic Party apparatus with its bevy of allies are out to destroy you. Don′t stand there and let them make you a target. Be the centipede, the nimble navigator and keep moving!

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