Is Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party presidential candidate a Socialist? You might think so if you had heard his recent speech, calling for a carbon tax and for a national, minimum salary. But what do you expect? The Libertarian Party has essentially become an ′over-flow′ room for Republican Cuckservatives the past few election cycles. With ′Cucks′ like Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz and John McCain taking up space in the GOP, who can blame other Cucks for changing parties?

Here I go, again, pissing off a whole lot of people! I admit that I flirted with the Libertarian Party back in its hey-day of the 1970s and 80s. But, since after 1992, the LP has gone sour. Let us face facts, it was a good idea but it just didn′t catch on. The Libertarian Party is a political failure. I vote for a few candidates here and there, usually for college board offices, just to give them a nod and keep them on future ballots.

It does not surprise me that Gary Johnson supports a carbon tax. He′s a ′Warmist′, buying the whole man-made global warming fraud. Anyone who has really done their homework knows that the whole scare was cooked up by Canadian businessman, Maurice Strong. He got himself appointed to the United Nations IPCC when it started and has been pushing for carbon taxes and carbon credit exchanges. Carbon taxes to fund governments and carbon credit exchanges for lining the pockets of businessmen, such as himself. Its all about the money and carbon credits are basically another form of fiat currency that can be created out of thin air.

Officially, Gary Johnson is in favor of a $15-an-hour minimum wage, even though he says its a ″non-issue″. That is on his website. But recently he talked about a minimum salary for everyone, just as was proposed and voted down 80-20 in Switzerland. Now, the Swiss have about the best economy on the planet in terms of GDP to population. Our ratio is much worse, around 30th place worldwide, thanks to the Obama Depression. Guaranteeing every adult an income of $25,000 or so a year may sound like a great idea, if you are a Liberal-Socialist. But the realities of economics just do not jive with it! Certainly not when we are hampered by a debt-based currency system.

Eventually we become Venezuela, with people having to cross borders into other countries in search of food and toilet paper. The ′Open Border′ Globalists may like that idea, but they, like George Soros, are Socialists! Thus, it does not surprise me that Cucks like Glenn Beck and Erik Erickson are trying to sway people into voting for Gary Johnson. If Mitt Romney hadn′t dragged his feet so much, they might be supporting him instead. But the calendar is shrinking with just 99 days to go before the November elections.

Will you join the Cuckservatives and support the closet Socialist, Gary Johnson, the 2016 Libertarian Party presidential candidate? I′m sure many of the Bernie People will do just that, or vote for a ′real′ Socialist, like Green Party candidate Jill Stein or even Crooked Hillary Rodham Clinton, if they can get past the whole war-monger thing. Let alone how she cheated to off Bernie Sanders! But, if you do not feel like committing economic suicide for a change, then you have only one, true option, to vote for Donald J. Trump.

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