Just when you thought it was safe to watch TV again after a week of lying Democrats, the SyFy Channel is premiering ″Sharknado: The 4th Awakens″ tonight at 8pm EDT. This episode of the campy series takes places several years after Sharknado 3, when Washington DC was attacked. The hero, Fin Shepard, played by Ian Ziering, and April Wexler, played by Tara Reid, take a ride aboard a secret, military space shuttle in order to save the East Coast from a massive ′sharkicane′. At the end, April is engulfed by a Great White. Viewers voted on whether she will return in Sharknado 4? Guess what, she does!

A still photo was released showing Tara Reid with Gary Busey, who play′s April′s father, Wilbur Wexler. Sorry for that spoiler, but seriously, how much can one spoil Sharknado? So, the plot line for tonight is that new sharknados start popping up across America′s Heartland. The State of Kansas is attacked, so stand by for some ″Wizard of Oz″ puns. The climax occurs as a sharknado hits Las Vegas. Will what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas?

The original ″Sharknado″ arrived in 2013, a low-budget comedy costing about $2 million bucks. But it became an immediate cult classic and the SyFy Channel gave us more. After raining sharks in Los Angeles in the original, ″Sharknado 2″ took the series to the Big Apple. The movie began with a hilarious scene of ′sharks on a plane′ and went into the Ultra Silly Zone from there. In ″Sharkando 3″, the action began in DC with Fin Shepard getting help from President Mark Cuban and his lovely Vice President, Ann Coulter! Woo-Hoo! But the attack in Washington was just the beginning as a bigger sharknado storm was brewing off of the Florida Coast. Perfect for showcasing the SyFy Channel′s owners′ Universal Theme Park. Just in time for the summer vacation crowd.

What product placement might we expect this around in ″Sharknado: The 4th Awakens″? Does it really matter? I guess I′ll have to watch the SyFy Channel tonight, setting the DVR to record ″The Last Ship″ and the Season 1 finale of ″Preacher″. ″Bar Rescue″, who cares? That show ′jumped the shark′ long ago. Will ′Sharknado′ finally end its series of shark puns and celebrity cameos? Only one way to find out!

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