The Media and its hired guns of political pundits all sang from the same song book on Friday, praising the Democrats for sounding more like Republicans, or ′Conservatives′, than speakers at the RNC convention did. Of course, this is a lie! The purpose of this charade is due to the fact that Hillary Rodham Clinton is doing very poorly in the polls with White Males. Our favorite California dingbat, Nancy Pelosi explained that its because of the whole ′Guns, Gays and God′ thing. The DNC convention speakers hardly mentioned God, or even gays, for the first three nights. But by Thursday night, they went full tilt, filling the Wells Fargo Center with American flags, which had also been absent before.

Crooked Hillary is doing much worse with White Men than even Barack Obama! He managed to get about a third of the White Man vote in 2012 and even more in 2008. Hilldog, however, is barely getting a quarter according to most polls. A Washington Post poll about two months ago showed her with only 22% of White Males. She pretty much matched Obama in every other demographic. But being that far down with such a large segment of the voting public could translate to as much as a 4.5 point difference in a general election. About enough to give Donald Trump a victory.

The problem is that she also has another group she is not doing well with, the Youth Vote. During the Democratic Party primaries, she was barely getting a quarter to a third of the ′30-and-under′ crowd. Bernie Sanders was mopping Clinton up with that group. In order to win their support, she has to veer further Left, not Right. They do not want to wave American flags, they want to burn them! Judging by interviews with protesters outside the convention hall, these young characters hate America, just as they′ve been taught to do so by their Liberal professors. Any discussion of alternate views is immediately shouted down as a micro-aggression and violation of their ′safe-space′.

Besides that, Crooked Hillary Clinton isn′t fooling anyone with her talk about America is always great and how your guns are safe with her in the White House. Heck, even ashtrays and lamps aren′t safe with her in the White House! So this whole course of action is a major waste of time. The Media may try to push it but few people believe them these days. Scenes of Wolf Blitzer dancing in celebration of Hillary Clinton being nominated tell us all where he stands.

Of course, we have the ′Cucks′ of Conservative, Inc., to worry about. Guys like Glenn Beck and Erik Erickson think that electing Crooked Hillary is good for them, financially. Who cares if the country is sold out and destroyed? As long as they still make money selling books and advertising, the Cucks don′t give a hoot who wins. Their problem is with Donald Trump, since a victory for him means that the cozy, Cuck empire has failed in its marketing and they may have to find work elsewhere. They will no longer have a head-lock on the minds of voters. Or, they will actually have to exercise their brains for a change and come up with a new message to preach. No more coasting on material that is decades old.

So will Hillary Rodham Clinton trick you into thinking that she is best for America? That she will not obstruct your Second Amendment, or any other Constitutional rights? Are you buying the Cuckservative message from Glenn Beck, Erik Erickson or King Cuck George Will that Crooked Hillary is best for national security. Even though the FBI says she is ″extremely careless″ with handling our nation′s secrets? Or has Donald J. Trump liberated your mind? Have you realized that decades of ′open borders′ and globalism′ have been bad for our country? The answer is just 100 days away!

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