Celebrity socialite and business woman, Paris Hilton, is afraid of becoming a target by ISIS terrorists. During a recent interview with Diario de Ibiza newspaper, Hilton expressed her concerns over the recent series of attacks of radical Islamic terrorism. Paris, who is a DJ in Ibiza, a Spanish island favored by the jet-set crowd in Europe, is very worried about the state of our world. Not only because she is well-known and travels a lot, but she is also preparing to open a chain of luxury hotels across the globe, including one in Dubai. She also told the newspaper that she has known Donald Trump most of her life as he is a friend of her father and has a very high regard for him, despite the smears by The Media.

Way to go, Paris! Now, I have to admit, I′ve been on ′Team Paris′ for many years. I could care less about the Kardashians, or other celebrities who are practicing political suicide supporting Barack Obama or Hillary Rodham Clinton. If Kim K or Katy Perry thinks that Crooked Hillary is going to keep them safe from being beheaded by an Islamic extremist, think again! They′ll be sliced and diced like Vince Shlomi making a salad with ′The Chopper′. So here is some advice to Paris Hilton on dealing with the threat of Islamic jihad.

Plan A: Read and know the Qur′an! As we have seen in many terrorist attacks, where many people are taken hostage, ISIS terrorists often quiz their prisoners about the Qur′an. Those who fail are executed, often in a most hideous way. During the attacks in Paris, France in November, 2015, those captured at the rock concert at the Bataclan theater were quizzed. Recent reports of what happened had been suppressed by the French government due to the nature of the results. One woman who failed the quiz was literally sliced and gutted from the vagina up. One man was beheaded and his mouth stuffed with his severed testicles. Pretty outrageous stuff! Straight out of the 7th Century!

Now, I don′t expect anyone, even Paris Hilton, to commit the entire Qur′an to memory, just for this reason. But reading it once might help and if you are going to memorize a useful passage, try Chapter 23, Verse 118. ″O my Lord! Grant Thou forgiveness and mercy for Thou art the Best of those who show mercy.″ Especially that last bit, ″Thou art the Best of those who show mercy″. That line pops up several times in the Qur′an. Another good line to say before they behead you is, ″Allah is ever Forgiving and Merciful.″ It might just be enough to buy you some precious minutes until a police SWAT team rescues you. Keep in mind, however, that many ISIS recruits are really not all that religious. Many are hardened criminals with murder and rape on their minds.

So, we have Plan B, pack a gun! Luckily, for you ladies who desire to be stylish, the American firearms industry has been all too happy to comply. Small, compact pistols now come in a wide variety of colors, and calibers, to fit any fashion choices. Popular semi-automatic pistols which the ladies are buying in record numbers are the SCCY CPX-2 and CPX-3, as well as the Ruger LC9 and LCP. The CPX-2 and LC9 are 9mm handguns. The CPX-3 and LCP are in the smaller .380 Auto caliber. These are all very fine guns which are easy to conceal and come in a wide range of colors. They are inexpensive, too, usually less than $250. If you are rich like Paris Hilton, you can buy a rainbow of them to match any outfit! The Taurus TCP and Kel-Tec P series are also worth a look. The Taurus Curve is a uniquely designed .380 Auto that would blend nicely with the tightest of jeans and slimmest of waists.

But let us not forget small revolvers, also known as ′snub-nose′. Semi-automatics are great and reliable. But, from time to time, you might get a bad round which causes a misfire or some other issue. An experienced shooter knows how to clear jams and such quickly, but even then you might not have even those few seconds to spare. A revolver is about as simple as it gets. You get a bad round that doesn′t fire, no problem, just pull the trigger again and the next round will probably shoot. Most small revolvers are in the flavor of .38 Special caliber. They run around $500 and you can still bling them out with laser to aid in hitting a target. The smaller production revolvers are the .22 LR from North American Arms, NAA, which run between $210 to about $300.

Before you go out and buy a gun, keep this in mind. If you have to use it to protect yourself, you have to kill the attacker. Forget about shooting them in an arm or a leg. If you are attacked by somebody with jihad on their mind and are ready to die, they will get up and keep coming at you. Even if it is just some ′Meth-Head′ looking to rob you, one shot to wound them will not do the job. You have to prepare yourself mentally to go for a kill shot, putting a ′pill′ or two in their brain or pump/heart. Two is better, that is what we call a ′double-tap′. Otherwise, the only way to stop an attacker is to bleed them out by putting a whole bunch of holes in them. Why do you think police sometimes resort to shooting somebody 10-20 times? Its all about bleeding them out until they go unconscious.

This brings me to Plan C, a good knife. I advise every woman, every person, to always carry a knife. A knife is your basic tool. You can′t eat without a knife being involved at some ′point′. Get it? LOL! Ideally, you should carry a good, full-tang, fixed blade knife. A solid, one piece of hardened, carbon steel. I would at least get one with a blade in the 5-6 inch range in length. You don′t need to have some big Rambo or Crocodile Dundee knife. Just something long enough to puncture a lung or a heart, slit a throat, disembowel some guts, or sever a brain stem. Otherwise, a decent folding, lock-blade knife with a 3-5 inch blade will do. Yeah, it can be messy, but again, its all about bleeding an attacker dry.

For you ladies, there are plenty of blinged-out knives available. Take a gander at CutleryCorner.net. You′ll find all sorts of knives with beautiful handles coated in Mother of Pearl or Abalone, even some in turquoise. If you have money to burn, check out the knives by customizers like Michael Prater. His knives are works of art! He acquires knives from manufacturers and then redos the handles and adds extra finishes to the blade and such. The cost of these will be around $50-$100 for a folding pocket knife to $500 or more for larger, fixed blade types.

Plan D is to learn basic self defense. Whether it is Karate, Akido, or the more fashionably trendy Krav Maga, knowing how to fight bare-handed will help you in any situation. So much of survival depends on just having the self-confidence to overcome obstacles. Martial Arts will do that. It is all about attitude, plus applying the trained skills and raw nerve to execute on your attitude. Here is where we get into the reality that nearly anything can be an assault weapon, if you need to assault someone.

I don′t care if your only weapon on hand is a pen, or a screwdriver, or a rolled up magazine. Once you hone your survival instinct to accept the universal truth of ′Its either him or me′, the justification for using any object to kill or maim your attacker becomes obvious. Having a gun or a knife gives you more capability to survive a violent attack. But you still have to have the gut instinct to survive, to fight for your own life first. Once you have that, the world is a degree or two safer.

Paris Hilton is correct to fear ISIS. These guys are animals. Vicious animals! Unlike Al Qaeda, which, for a time, focused on large, high-profile, terrorist attacks, the warriors of the Islamic State have been trained and instructed to carry out small-scale attacks. The whole ′lone wolf′ thing is a myth. Sure, they may be acting alone, without any direct orders, but that makes them more unpredictable and more dangerous. Literally, no place is safe! As we saw this past week, not even a church in a small village. These guys will attack anywhere, anytime, using any method they can. Your only real defense is your survival instinct, including an awareness of your surroundings. The minute you see or hear something that may be dangerous, you have two options, run or fight. If you can′t run because of where you are, then that narrows it down to one option, fight back!

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