The final night of the Democratic National Convention was not a good one for Hillary Rodham Clinton. She was met with boos from the Bernie Sanders supporters, who wore neon-green tops, many with the slogans, ″#NoVoice, #NoUnity″. Ouch! There was even a scuffle as police physically removed one protester. ′Bernie or Bust′ members had their signs taken away by security. Hillary Clinton was heckled, as well as other speakers, with chants of ″No more wars″ last night at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. Her speech was so dull and boring that even her husband, Bill Clinton, fell asleep during it! Can you blame him?

Bill Clinton falls asleep

What can you say? Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the Democratic Party speakers did nothing but tell the same old lies during the DNC national convention. Their disdain for America went as far as a last minute scramble to obtain American flags which had been absent from the convention, except for those burned outside the venue. Perhaps the most ridiculous moment of the whole week came last night when pop star Katy Perry proclaimed that with Hillary, ″you′ll have as much say as any billionaire.″ Perry, herself, may not be a billionaire, but her net worth is around $125 Million dollars. Not bad for never finishing high school.

The DNC convention was indeed a freak show. A vile, disgusting display of liars and haters. Oh, the lies they told! If you actually listened to Barack Obama and the rest, you would think that everything is A-Okay in America. In a recent CBS poll, 69% said that the country was headed in the wrong direction. The new Gallup Poll shows 83% of the country is not satisfied with the way things are going.

The economy has been a disaster under Obama. Despite claims that the recession ended in 2010, the economy still has yet to fully recover. Folks point to the stock market, inflated by cheap money from the Federal Reserve to Wall Street. The truth is that many stocks still have not recovered even from the Dot-Com meltdown in 1999, let alone from the housing debacle of 2008. Speaking of housing, the U.S. Census reported yesterday that home ownership has declined to 62.9%, the same as it was in 1965 when the government began keeping track. One year ago, ownership was 63.4%. The biggest decline, demographically, was with Millenials, 18-34, which dropped some 0.7% to 34.1%. I guess that is because about half of those whom have graduated from college since Obama took office have never been able to find jobs.

Obama said on Wednesday during his speech that his administration created some 15 million new jobs. Maybe they did, maybe they didn′t. Either way, the number sucks! Just to keep pace with population growth and legal immigration, he should have created over 21 million jobs. Had we had a real recovery, we should have had some 24 million or more new jobs. The Labor Participation Rate is at its lowest since the dark days of the Jimmy Carter ′Stagflation Era′ in the late 1970s. Many Liberal pundits will have you believe that this is a good thing. In fact, they are already looking forward to when even fewer Americans can earn a living. More slaves for the plantation politics of the Welfare State.

Hillary Rodham Clinton did not say anything new during her acceptance speech last night at the close of the DNC national convention. For that matter, neither did anyone else this whole week. With the possible exception of Bill Clinton, who gave us another version of his romance of Hillary. Showing himself to be the sexual predator, Bill Clinton talked about how he stalked Hillary, following her around campus. He even considered touching her without consent by sneaking up from behind. CREEPY!!! What else do you expect from an alleged rapist?

I remember Hillary′s version and her story is that she was the one who noticed him, first. Hillary became infatuated with Bill Clinton as he talked to a group at a table next to Hillary′s at some Student Center about how great the watermelons are in Arkansas. This reminds me of those sitcoms where a married couple each tell different versions of their first date at an anniversary party. The husband says, ″We went to Luigi′s on our first date and she wore a red dress.″ The wife counters with, ″No! We went to Francios′ and I wore a blue dress! Who the hell did you take to Luigi′s in a red dress?″ The party ends with dinnerware, ashtrays and lamps being thrown about.

Aside from all of that nonsense, what we have with Bill and Hillary Clinton are corruption, lies, and graft. Anything for a buck! Hillary tried to attack Donald Trump talking about ″making things in America″. What has she ever made except overpriced speeches to Wall Street, Dubai and New Delhi bankers? Trump has built skyscrapers, hotels, resorts, developed properties, and created tens of thousands of good-paying jobs. Who do you want fighting ISIS? Trump, who actually identities the culprits as being radical Islamic terrorists or Hillary who did nothing to stop them and may have been involved in supplying them with weapons?

The choice is very clear, America. Vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton and get more weak economic growth, fewer jobs, higher taxes, more crime, more terrorism, and a Supreme Court that completely destroys the Constitution. Or, vote for Donald J. Trump and ′Make America Great Again′! I′m not saying that Trump has some magic wand he′ll wave and fix everything. But his life is story of achievement. He took on The Establishment many times and beat them at their own game. Trump gets things done! Plus, he′s not a lying crook like Hillary is!

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