The 2016 GOP presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump stole the spotlight from the Democratic National Convention yesterday. During a press conference, his first in about a month, Trump attacked Hillary Rodham Clinton for not doing a press conference herself for some 235 days! Donald Trump caused a firestorm after joking about the DNC email hack, whom many blame Russia for. Trump mocked the gathering of reporters when he said, ″Russia, if you′re listening, I hope you′re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing, I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.″ Trump was referring to the 30,000 emails Clinton deleted from her private email server while as Secretary of State. Democratic Party hacks went ape, attacking Trump for inviting espionage by an ″enemy″ whom, just 4 years ago, Barack Obama claimed were not a threat to the world.

The richest response of irony came from Jake Sullivan, currently an adviser for the Clinton campaign. Sullivan said that Trump′s remarks threatened ″national security″. While serving under Clinton in the State Department, Sullivan exchanged emails where Hillary Rodham Clinton instructed him on how to send her classified material using her insecure private email account. A violation of the Espionage Act! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Likewise, the usual gang of so-called GOP ′Cucks′, like Mark Levin, also lined up to stump the Trump.

That Democrats have responded like this, saying Russia is helping Trump, is no surprise. The DNC emails leaked by Julian Assange of WikiLeaks clearly show how the Democratic National Committee was anything but democratic, rigging their primaries for the coronation of Hillary Clinton as their nominee. Not to mention distracting from the statements of FBI Director James Comey that Hillary Clinton was ″extremely careless″ in regards to national security herself. Also, not to mention the fact that we know now, after the 8th and latest Benghazi probe by Congress, that some of those 30,000 non-work-related emails deleted by Hillary were indeed work related! Among those were about a dozen emails exchanged between her and Sidney Blumenthal which were specifically about Libya.

The Democratic Party hacks are also beating their war drums loud as several new polls show Donald Trump leading Hillary Rodham Clinton. Enough to warrant Real Clear Politics to now show Trump ahead in their average of national polls for the first time. Trump received a substantial ′convention bump′, larger than any other for a Republican Party candidate in recent election cycles. Along with the L.A. Times/USC poll, the CNN/ORC poll also shows that Trump has earned a huge bump in support among Independent voters. The polling data also show a further decline in those thinking Hillary Rodham Clinton is honest or trustworthy. WikiLeaks added to the DNC email hack releasing more emails and voicemails, depicting a picture of elitism and money raising tactics. The actions of the DNC were enough to cause Bernie Sanders to not only lose but to resign from the Democratic Party and resume his status as an Independent.

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