If you were watching the Democratic National Convention the past two days on any of the major networks, as well as the cable news networks, you would hardly know that thousands of people are unhappy about the nomination of Hillary Rodham Clinton. There have been very few stories in the print media, as well. As I wrote yesterday, shortly after the start of the DNC convention, a group of Bernie Sanders protesters staged a sit-in, blocking an entrance to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. CNN had a camera crew at the scene just as police were about to physically remove the protesters. However, the network made a ′journalistic′ decision, and cut away to inside the convention to show a group of dancing, singing, happy Black men entertaining the delegates. CNN apparently thinks that the ′soft shoe′ is more news worthy than the ′iron boot′.

Tuesday was the same story. As Hillary Rodham Clinton was being nominated, a group of Bernie Sanders delegates walked out in protest and staged a sit-in in the ′Media Center′. This is an area set up inside the Wells Fargo Center for various news and media outlets to conduct interviews and file reports. DNC officials called in the police, whom sent a SWAT team into the convention to remove the protesters. Police decided to wait them out at first before taking any action.

There was a lot of booing going on during the DNC convention by folks of the ′Bernie or Bust′ crowd. Delegates committed to supporting the ideals of Sanders. They booed during all of the speeches on Monday night, including that of Michelle Obama. They even booed Bernie Sanders himself when he spoke of electing Hillary Rodham Clinton. Another darling of the Far-Left, Elizabeth Warren, was also booed and heckled with chants of ″We trusted you!″ When NBC News diva Andrea Mitchell mentioned this booing to Chuck Todd on air, Todd rejected the observation. He apparently thinks that if the television audience at home doesn′t hear or see any discord among Democratic Party delegates, then it never happened.

Even less cover has been given to protests outside the convention. Tens of thousands of protesters have been braving the extreme heat to make their feelings known. Unlike Chuck Todd and CNN, the protesters are quite upset over what was written by DNC staffers in emails released by WikiLeaks. While party hacks try to make the story about Russia allegedly being behind the hacked DNC emails leaked out, the protesters are more concerned about how the emails prove that the Democratic Party primaries were rigged.

If you think Fox News or talk radio was any better, think again. Their coverage has also been minimal. During the RNC convention, where the number of protesters was less than a quarter of that we are seeing in Philadelphia, with few arrests, there were segments nearly every hour on Fox. Even Rush Limbaugh did not mention the sit-in that CNN cut away from on Monday. You would think that would have been a natural for a, ″See, I told you so!″ Forget about the Internet, too! Facebook had banned the term WikiLeaks for a period and Google is so in the tank for Crooked Hillary they aren′t even listing Donald Trump during searches of ″presidential candidates″.

I know, this is what we should expect from ′The Media′. There is no doubt that much, it not nearly all of the news media, is controlled. They are not going to tell you the truth about anything. They barely tell you any real news! Yesterday, I had to watch BBC World to get any news about the terrorist attack at a Church in France. Or the knife rampage in Japan. The BBC is not much better. No word from them about the attack in Germany where a Muslim cut a pregnant woman open with a machete. Nor any word about the suppressed story of what really happened during the Paris attack last November. In case you haven′t heard, those captured by terrorists during the rock concert were tortured and mutilated in a most horrible fashion.

Will we see any protests today, now that Hillary Rodham Clinton has been officially nominated? Probably not! The Media, including Fox News, is in the tank for her. The WikiLeak release of DNC emails shows just how corrupt our political system is. Not only were DNC officials actively working against Bernie Sanders, they were also working with a number of news reporters and commentators. Even Donna Brasille, whom is replacing Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC Chair, was also in the leaked DNC emails since she was a regular commentator on CNN. There was widespread collusion with most of the networks.

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